बॉडीबिल्डर्स जिनकी स्टेरॉइड्स लेने से हो गयी जिंदगियाँ बर्बाद || Bodybuilder Who died of Steroids


Whenever you look at a bodybuilder, you may think that after all this man would have to work hard in the gym to get such a terrible body? Maybe it is very uncomfortable for you to see this body, but these people have to make such a body They put their lives on hold. These bodybuilders do a lot of things other than gym, which many times take life. On the one hand, while some people do bodybuilding while spending time in the gym like crazy, some people resort to using Steroid while adopting shorts. But people with these shortcuts have to suffer a lot of bad consequences. Today we are going to talk about some of the bodybuilders who had to adopt death due to the use of steroids.

Rich Piana: Rich Piana is a great celebrity in the world of bodybuilding and weight lifting. Rich’s mother in California, Los Angeles was also a professional bodybuilder. At an early age, he had come into the world of weight lifting. At the age of 11, he started going to the gym and in his mind he became obsessed with creating a body which nobody could possibly have. But soon began consuming Rich steroid. This steroids became the reason for their death. Mr California’s bodybuilding superstar, who made his mark as a 46-year-old man, died in the cause of excessive amounts of steroid.

Dean Wharmby: In the UK, Dean Wharmby, the high amount of steroids, gave birth to 39 years of age and I only slept in death. The passion of maintaining a perfect body of Dean was always maintained. For this, they extended workout on one side more than needed, and on the other hand taking steroids. Dean started eating a lot of junk food and started taking such energy drinks so that he could look fluffy. One day I used to eat that food up to 10000 calories. The greater amounts I had had had lever cancer because of taking Steroids. He died fighting a long illness for five years fighting.

Andreas Munzer: Andreas Munzer, 31, of Austria was to become the world’s most famous bodybuilder. That is why with hard work, they started taking steroids too. Before the final round of a championship, he drank several steroid cocktails, after which he suffered a severe pain in his stomach. On taking the hospital, it was found that internal bleeding was taking place in his body. At the same time both of their kidneys and liver were deformed due to steroid. After some time his heart died from fail.

Oli Cooney: Oli Cooney, who started bodybuilding from the age of 16, had resorted to steroids to increase his body quickly. But he used to use them so much that until he was 18, doctors had completely refused to use steroids. Not only this when he died, he was only 20 years old and by then he had two heart attacks and three strokes. Doctors talked of having more exercise and steroids behind the death of the death.

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