10 Basic Vibration Exercise Machine Workout – 13 Minutes Step by Step Vibration Training


Have you bought a vibration exercise machine but only have no idea where to start a workout? Genki Vibration Platform is giving you 10 basic vibration training exercises with 13 minutes step by step demonstration.

This 13 minutes tutorial video is for beginners using a vibrating plate.
Exercises include:
1. 03:00 Calf Raise
2. Left Right Lung
3. Right Lung
4. Full Squat
5. Half Squat with Resistance Band
6. Lattisimus Dip
7. Waist Bend Posture
8. Lateral Raise
9. Backhand Raise
10 Sitdown Stretch

Genki Vibration Machines are very affordable in the marketing but still have solid quality in endurance and effectiveness. Vibrating exercises are the safe workout for weight loss and shaping body. Muscles can be more effectively activated by shaking on the plate, which warms your body up and helps you consume calories. And you can get training every day! If you are new to a vibro plate, this video will be excellent for you to start with.

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  1. These idiots have no idea what they are doing. Typical marketer who has just purchased a unit from China and attached a program that makes no sense. No wonder people thinking vibration training is a scam.

  2. Hello Guys : I just got this Plataform, and Im very entusiastic ! .. but have NO clue what speed or time to choose to start ?? Its my very first time using this , and long time whitout workin out, I'm 51 yrs … So what setting or program do I choose?? and when do I jump to next level ?? how do I know when ? Do you have any video for begginers how to set all that ??


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