10 BodyBuilders Who Lost Their Minds


top 10 bodybuilders and fitness enthusiast who lost it all
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  1. Big difference between losing your cool and losing your mind…. Jack, Johnny and Marlboro can help you find your cool. But once your mind takes off you think you have to kill Jack,, Johnny, and Marlboro!

  2. Drug pumped egotistic fat guts! a really good example for the sport. I got sick when I see these idiots open their mouths wide and start shaking "look at me, me me! idiots! trying to hide inferiority complexes .

  3. Steroids make you crazy… you only want to fuck or fight the whole day…. without tons of Valium they could not even go on any stage… or do normal things…..

  4. You can’t Keep your COOL WHEN YOUR ON STEROIDS!! There’s No Keeping your Cool when your Having a ROID-RAGE! I remember many years ago doing Roids and having ROID RAGES! It was so much Fun having ROID RAGES! Me and my Buddy’s would go to the Clubs and Beat the Shit out of People!!

  5. 3:02 "all hell breaks loose" lol so that is were the UFC commentator got that line from when he said that in the UFC fight Khabib vs Conor a couple of weeks ago.


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