10 MIN BOOTY BURN & TONE | Resistance Band – Model Fitness Series | Sanne Vloet


10 MIN BOOTY BURN & TONE | Model Fitness Series, The Best Resistance Band Exercises To Strengthen, Tone, & Burn For Your Summer Body Prep – Model Fitness Series | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

Raise your hand if you are excited for summer (🙋‍♀️/🙋🏻‍♂️/🙌) and pick and emoji that represents summer to you! So since summer is around the corner I wanted to share a new fitness video that is going to get your booty into beach body shape! Is this your first video? If so comment a 🔥 emoji so I know and don’t forget to subscribe to our amazing community!

So most of our workouts here have been without any equipment, but I really wanted to share with you guys a resistance band workout that really brings up the intensity. It is important to switch up your workouts and this resistance training band is a gamer changer for me. Have you ever used a Booty band like this before?

We all know how life can get busy so this workout can be done anywhere you have floor space. I travel with my band so if I can’t find a gym I can do it in my hotel room, in a park, or just about anywhere I want. If you guys decided to try out the bands let me know, I can share some more workouts you can do with it to tighten up your arms and other body parts!

Follow along today, tomorrow, and any day you want to hit the booty! Let me know what you guys think and a big shout out to my notification squad! You guys rock!



Question 1 – Do you have siblings? If so how many?
Question 2 – Have you read an inspiring book recently?
Question 3 – Have you tried any of my previous workouts?

Scale on 1/10 how much did you feel the burn???

Resistance band:

Outfit I am wearing:
RYU Black Tights:
RYU Grey Bra:

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  1. Hi Sanne! Enjoying the weather in Florida!👍😎

    1. I have 4 siblings
    2. I have read a great book recently by Tracy Chavelier which is Girl with a Pearl Earring
    3. Enjoying your 20 minute without

    Have a great day!❤

  2. I used my extra heavy set of resistance bands and my booty = dead , new fav booty workout holy

    Question 1 yes 1
    Question 2 – I don't read much oops
    Question 3 – yes with each new upload

  3. Thanks sanne ! And for doing it in real time to
    I do the p.volve one you uploaded a few months back as it’s easy to follow in real time
    So if you do this in conjunction with the arm work out ,is that all you do in one day or do you also run or yoga ect . Like do you do one hour or more or less??
    No siblings only me! Which I didn’t like when I was little but now it’s ok . My book inspiration is always osho . Reading book of wisdom right now
    Thanks so much as you know I really enjoy your uploads !


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