10 MIN INNER THIGH Model Workout | Tone & Tighten without Equipment | Sanne Vloet


10 Min INNER THIGH Model Workout | Tone Your Thighs & Tighten Your Legs without Equipment, Exercises For A Thigh Gap, & What I Do To Prepare For Swimwear Shoots | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys!

First workout video of the year! Have you guys done any of my other ones and if you have which one was your favorite? So this is my favorite thigh workout for when I don’t feel like using any equipment. I do this before swimwear shoots to tighten up my legs and really tone my thighs. If you do this consistently like I do it will become easier, but you will still feel the burn!

I’ve asked you guys questions about wellness, goals, and what give us all inspiration, but today I want to know what being fit feels like to you. Some of us may just be starting our fitness journey and others have been pursuing their fitness goals for some time, but all of us have different ideas of what living a physically fit life is. So today please share your ideas and thoughts and we can hopefully start a little discussion about it.

To me working out is not about looking like you are in shape. I love working out because I feel stronger, balanced, and it really does elevate my mood. Do you have the same feeling after working out? I notice that if I am consistent with my training my posture changes, I feel more confidence, I FEEL STRONG!

You guys asked for an inner thigh video so here it is… finally! This workout is great to do in combination with my 10 minute Abb workout ( or 15 Minute Butt Workout ( Have you tried them yet?

Once you get the hang of this one you can add an ankle weight to make it tougher. To any newcomers to the channel, I hope you join us by subscribing. If your are new to the channel let me know where you’re from and what brought you here our little wellness focused community. I”ll make sure to respond to as many of you as I can today!



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  1. i broke my knee in 4th grade, i’m in 8th now and doing leg exercises are really hard for me. i cant do any type of squat. it’s hurts and makes me feel like i’m going to collapse. i go through so many videos to find exercises that i CAN do, and this vid had some i could. thank you!

  2. I've been doing this workout video every day for the past two weeks and I can feel my thighs getting a lot stronger and stronger. Thank you so much. In addition, all the music in it is so good.

  3. thank you! i think ill start doing this weekly from now on, i didnt know there were this many different things i could do! im still new to all this, but you inspire me to push myself harder!


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