10 MIN SIXPACK WORKOUT / No Equipment | Pamela Rf


NO EXCUSES ♥︎ a quick & intense workout to target your abs. You don’t need any equipment or weights!!

The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise – NO REST IN BETWEEN.

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VIDEO, CUT & EDIT: Emrah Bayka


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  1. Day 1: I needed to stop for a while, the side planks were really hard and I lost balance. Eating healthier food was so hard, especially because it's the day before Easter. I have been doing this workout without keeping that much track on it, but so far it made my belly flat way smaller. As my favorite musical character said. "You know you're doing it right, when you start to cry."

  2. i know this comment will just seem like another person asking for likes in the comments, but i really need motivation and will try to keep everyone updated on my progress!!

    edit: i’m doing this workout as well as alexis ren’s 10 minute abs workout

    day 1: as you could assume, there hasn’t been any results yet, but i feel great and way less bloated too. i have to stop the video every 3-4 minutes to take a break, but hopefully that’ll improve over time!!

  3. This is honestly a little harder than the Alexis Ren ab workout. However, if you’re a beginner. I would recommend giving the Alexis Ren ab workout a try. But if it’s easier for you and you’re a little more advanced, then shoot for Pamela RF ab workouts if you want something more hardcore and intense.

  4. Mache das Workout jeden Tag & kann wirklich nur positives sagen. Wenn man sich nebenbei noch gesund ernährt ist der Sixpack aufjedenfall da. Habe aufjedenfall Bauchmuskeln durch die tägliche Ausführung des Workouts bekommen und die Übungen fallen mir nicht mehr so schwer wie am Anfang, trotzdem hart 😅 Liebe deine Workouts Pamela ! ❤


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