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A quick morning workout that you can do to start your day right! Feel free to switch up the exercises and make it your own. Click the link here and use the promo code VICKYJUSTIZ15G to get a discount on the Gatorade products in my video.

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  1. I'm actually surprised that you drink Gatorade. Being as health conscious as you are- I would think you would want to stay away from consuming anything containing sugar and high fructose corn syrup (which we all know is EXTREMELY bad for us) and Gatorade has tons of both! They're the top ingredients. ?? & then promote that to your subscribers.

  2. I love these short exercise routines for full body with stretching included. I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. I just need something little like this I can incorporate daily without taking much time. I love you!! Please do more like this! Also do you do individual coaching?

  3. I love this workout !!! Can we make it a full workout for the day by upping it to 3 sets ? Would it be enough for someone focusing on getting really lean ? Or do I need to do weights and really long ones ? Thank you this really does get me going ! 😘

  4. I have one question pleaseee i followed exercises for like 3 months or more with some weights ….but i dident do any diet with it only aded some protein more in my food now i change my mind and i want to loose fat i m doing some deit i see changes but i m afraid to loose the gains in my butt … i dont know what gonna happen in my case

  5. Yay!!! Morning routines are my favorite for when I'm in a rush… like every day except the weekend! It's a great way to fit in some movement before starting the day… THANK YOU! 😘

  6. Beautiful workout…can you do a video for when you stopped exercising for a while like 2 months what exercises do you do to physically get back into shape slowly I use to workout 6 days a week to now which is 0 days.

  7. Can uh make a video on ‘how to do : Russian twist properly’? . I follow ur workout videos esp. for abs as thy r great but jz wanted to know how to do a perfect Russian twist at home .


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