10-Minute Workout For Tank Top Arms


Get ready for tank top season with this 10-minute workout from celeb trainer Holly Perkins. The exercises target the upper arms and shoulders so you can rock the sleeveless fashions of Summer. Grab a set of dumbbells, press play, and follow Holly as she leads you through the moves.

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  1. mindfulness can increase the effectiveness by 40% I used 5 & 10 lbs. very effective- For those with chronic pain- please make suggestions like elbows glued in- less stressful to the shoulders (biceps)

  2. I've been doing this routine about twice a week for the past couple months and I've actually gotten a ton of compliments on my arms!! I'm a hairdresser and I've had several clients notice. They'll be watching me cut or blowdry them in the mirror and say "have you been working out?? Your arms look so toned!" I had no idea the results would be so noticeable!!!

  3. This was a great arm workout and exactly what I needed. Definitely adding it to my workout. The instructions were clear and informative as well as being uplifting. I quite like using my mind positively to improve what I'm doing, its a good thing thankyou!

  4. This was annoying the hell out of me…..Nothing was mentioned about watching your rotator cuffs!!!….If I heard her say….Okay, one more time…sorry, going to my other go to arm work out.


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