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10 min Yoga For Self Care invites you to take 10 min of your day to practice self care and love of self. We spend a lot of time on our phones, computers, in traffic, working and taking care of others. Take TEN to tend to your mind and body with this practice that combines yoga asana, breath and massage. Move in a way that feels good, tend to your heart space and cultivate self love with this 10 minute loving, healing, mindfulness practice.

Let me know how it goes down below!


Feb is a short month so we decided to answer the requests for short practice video with a month of Yoga Quickies. Set the tone for your evening and remember, a little goes a long way!

Yoga Quickies show us that we do not need 30, 60, 75 min. That we don’t always have to do legs on leg day. But rather, that the reward, the cookie, the good stuff actually just arrives when you do too.

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  1. I know sleep is important, but I took the time to do this right before heading to bed (late) because I chose to release instead of holding on to whatever I was holding onto before bed!
    One thing I am grateful for today is the ability that I have in my mind to come to this YouTube channel and pick a video that I know will help me. I was in need of a little help – and I'm ok with that! I headed over to the CARE playlist and the first one was this one. I didn't want a long practice, so this one was outstanding.
    Much love, xx

    <3 Namaste <3

  2. Thank you Adriene. This routine just showed me how little I actually do to 'treat' myself. From my job, lifting, running, networking etc. I'm so incredibly tense, I don't remember the last time I felt as good as I did from this short routine.

  3. This weekend is comic con chaos for me so I unfortunately missed yesterday's practice and I am TIRED after walking around all day today!!! Decided to do this little practice instead for my day 16. 🙂 Also! Related side story: each year at comic con I always get a commission done from the same artist of some character doing something that "sums up" my year. For 2019, I got Spider-Man (hype!) doing yoga. 😂It turned out SUPER cute, I absolutely love it. Yay for daily yoga!

  4. Wow…so overcome with emotion doing this one. I had a pretty rough day, felt dissociated and disconnected between mind and body. After doing this flow, I felt more grounded, and spent another few moments listening to what my body and mind needed. At the beginning when I was hugging myself, I began to weep. So powerful, and yet so simple. Thank you, Adriene

  5. starting to try and wake myself up, adriene thank you, I've wanted to come back to yoga and this was calming but active. I'm trying to take better care of myself 😊

  6. Hello everyone! I sincerely need your help. I’m sure there are others out there that relate to my situation as outlined below.
    I’ve been a delinquent subscriber for quite a while.. I’m very busy (I know, not a valid excuse) usually on the road for about 12 hrs daily. I wake up at 0630 and leave at 0730, returning at 1930.. i then make dinner, etc , read a little or practice some french, shower then bed..
    I try to stick to a 30 day challenge and fall off at day 15 or so, as I cannot find the discipline despite my every intention! I’m always so tired!! I’m trying to be disciplined as I really love yoga .. and Adrienne is so relatable …but I’m struggling .. any ideas how I can stick to a daily practice when my days are so long and I’m so time poor?
    Anyone in a similar situation?.. how do you do daily practice?

  7. Still on Dedicate and determined to finish at my own pace. Recovering from illness and the loss of my beloved dog. Self-care is vital for me at this tough time. Carol in the UK.

  8. It is such a pity that there are still so few people who recognize the importance for body and mind in yoga. It's not just a trend, it is a choice in life with a deep focus to inner self where most people could find what they are actually looking for. Stress, anxiety, depressions, sleeping problems, Yoga can improve all these things, there is no medicine needed. I can't imagine a time without regular practice anymore.

  9. Hello. I have been trying to join the community FWFG KULA for quite some time now but I keep getting the message "something went wrong" and that they are checking it out (Mighty Networks) but the problem still remains. I do receive the emails but I can't read the posts : (( I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I'd really like to read what you post, and to share experiences, etc…If you could help me I would be very grateful. I should say, even more grateful, because I have a lot of gratitude for ALL that you have the kindness to share on your YouTube channel. Have a great day : ))


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