10 Most Unusual Bodybuilders In The World


Top 10 most unique people ever to compete in a bodybuilding competition.
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The desire to get into shape and look good is common for us. Whether we have the drive to follow through with that desire is a whole other question. Those who put in the time, work and sacrifice to get into shape are often happy with the results. Greater endurance, longer lifespan and improved body image are all benefits of working out and getting into shape. Of course, each person has their own goal or idea of what ‘getting into shape is.’ For one person, adding a few minutes to their daily walk and improving their diet may be enough. For someone else, pushing their endurance by adding more repetitions or a couple more kilometers to their run might do the trick. Everyone has their goal or specific idea of what they want out of a workout routine.
Then there are what most of us would consider the ‘extreme’ athletes. These are the people who wake up early, drink their health shakes, run in the cold and dark and follow that up with some gruelling workout regime. They go beyond the casual jog or 30 minute workout routine. Olympians, tri-athletes, professional athletes – these people must all push their bodies to higher than normal limits to get the best. These people require extensive training and exercise to get the strength, endurance, flexibility and ability to recover needed to compete at the top level in their respective competitions.
Then there are the professional bodybuilders. Search around online and you’ll find debates over whether this is a sport or a beauty pageant. The well-publicized use of steroids and synthol have done little to help the image of this activity, but there is a large group of participants that still legitimately work hard to make their bodies stand out. Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia are two of the best known bodybuilding competitions, but there are more occurring all around the world as men and women push themselves and their bodies to be the most muscular and visually appealing.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno are two of the most famous bodybuilders that most people can name. There are, however, many more men and women looking to leave their mark on this sport. Beyond the most famous bodybuilders, only those in the industry itself can usually name other notable competitors from over the last few decades. Even then, there are so many people looking to compete in bodybuilding that most go their whole careers without getting very much attention. For many of these people, that’s ok. They’re often competing as a way to prove to themselves that they can do it. For most, it’s not about the fame and glory but the chance to reach a personal goal and accomplish something which was maybe deemed impossible at one point in their lives.

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