10 Unique Ways To Use Oreo Cookies In Delicious Desserts


Oreo – probably the most iconic cookie treat of them all! Panda loves Oreo cookies as they are, but Panda also loves using them in a variety of recipes as an ingredient! Have you ever wondered how many different desserts you can make with OREO cookies? Probably too many to count… however Panda tried quite a few of them and here are our favorite 10! Enjoy!

0:00 Oreo No Bake Cheesecake Dessert
1:07 Oreo Banana Bread
1:53 Oreo Chocolate Moon Rock Egg
2:58 Oreo Donuts
4:30 Oreo Bounty Coco Cupcakes
6:00 Oreo Truffles
6:55 Strawberry Carrot In Oreo Dirt
7:37 Oreo Dirt Cake With Gummy Worms
8:02 Oreo Bats
8:39 Carrot Thief Bunny in Oreo Dirt Cake

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