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I was tagged by Keto Michelle

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Anthony McNett Strongman Lifestyle

Weight Loss Tag Questions:

1. When did you start gaining weight?
2. Are you an emotional eater?
3. How long have you been dieting?
4. Are you following a diet Now?
5. Have you had success in the past?
6. Do you follow a workout plan?
7. What is your favorite diet?
8. How much weight do you want to lose?
9. Do you feel like you are addicted to food?
10. Are you comfortable with your body now?
11. Do you deprive yourself of food?

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  1. I am the exact same way, if I am SUPER upset or stressed I won't eat. Like after a breakup or something I would always lose weight, or if I was super stressed about a job I would lose weight. But I def emotionally eat when I am bored or happy! It is so engrained to eat when we celebrate something!

  2. Good tag Lori, even if you are a giant slacker! And you even have a heater…SMH. You are so mean to John! And now I want cereal.

    I would call your food plan mostly low carb with the occasional medium/high carb day. Can't really call it keto because keto is a diet (lifestyle) to get into ketosis which requires strict adherence and at least 3 months to really become keto adapted.

  3. You guys are at it again Tagged!!!!!!!!!))) Hey Lori we had a bad storm this evening just got are power back on!! It was a really bad storm it rain for 30 moments none stop you could not see through the rain it came down so hard!!!! The wind was around 70 mph I did not think it would stop!!!!!! I have a tree down in the yard and one on my drive way I sawed it up and moved it!!!! I will try to post a short video!! I hope you guys did not get in this storm!!!!😬🤭😳

  4. I'm the same as John if you change the channel or mute it I would wake up. Some good answers! I'm not going to say much since I'm tagged! Poor John wakes up from his nap, his dinner isn't ready so he has to make him self a bowl of cereal…. I feel for the guy… make him some food! HAHA


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