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15 Minute Belly Fat Bruner workout routine for flat stomach. This workout routine includes a group of 9 exercises highly effective for your abdominal area. If done on a regular basis these exercises can really help you lose stomach fat. Best part you don’t need any equipment for this routine and you can do it anywhere in you home or park. So get ready for a 15 days, 15 min challenge to lose that belly fat.

Abs workout routine shown in the video includes the following :

* Start with basic stretches to open up the muscles for 1:30-2min
* Warmup to charge the body and prepare it for workout 2-3 min
* 9 Belly fat burner burner Exercises

1. High Knees
2. Burpees
3. Mountain climber
4. Plank
5. Reverse crunches with leg extension
6. Leg raises
7. Bicycle Crunches
8. Boat pose hold
9. High leg crunches

( Do Each Exercises For 30 Sec-45sec, Gradually increase the rep and sets , aim for 4 sets of these exercises )

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  1. Thanks mam for this tips.i have a request. I saw your count your calorie video. It's very helpful. Please give a chart on food and its calorie. it will help in making daily meal plan covering the required calorie. I am 33 years old working mother of a ,2 yrs old baby girl, suffering from hypothyroidism. My hight is 5ft and weight is 61. I'm taking medicine for 1month. If you give me any tips for betterment specially in loosing and maintaining weight and curing thyroid problem, it'll be a great help.

  2. wow thanks mam
    actually main mam mujey Sirf belly fat he km kerna h baaki to body mai fat hai he nehi
    mam mujey back pain rehta h kya mai ye exercise ker sekti hu
    Saath he ye bhi btay Khana khaney key kitni der baad ker sekti hu please btay
    best video

  3. Thank u for this xercise video…. Ow do i keep gng without giving up hv tried many xercise n giv up after few days… Dono if its coZ of uncomfortability dng or motivn plllll help… Am unable to flatten my pregnancy belly for six yrs… Son is six yrs pllllll suggest n advice me

  4. Maine apki breast wali video dekhi h or follow b kia bt usse mera size or bd gya h pls help me muje bade breast size ki wjh se bahut sharm lgti h kahi b ati jati nhi hu


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