15 Minute Chill Out Restorative Yoga Video


This is a 15 minute instructional yoga video to chill out. Restorative yoga can help you relax and energize you for the rest of your day.

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  1. Why would you put a loud ad in the middle of a restorative yoga class? I love Candace, and I know she’s gotta make her coin, but can’t you put ads at the beginning instead?

  2. Love the sequence but for my practice I wish you would've stayed in the poses longer! Like at least 2 or 3 breaths longer per pose. But of course then it would be longer than 15 mins. Overall a good practice 🙂

  3. Candace! This is a really lovely flow. Thank you for sharing. Perfect to unwind and reset after a long day of hiking and traveling. Every time I visit Pigeon pose it feels better. I love the heart opening variation of that pose (taking the hands back behind the hips feels extra yummy some days). Your gentle cues make this very soothing and relaxing. Namaste. 🙏 I would love to see a 30-minute reset, unwind, restore type of sequence with long holds and some nice moon energy postures. 🌙

  4. That was great. Thank you so much. I’m glad you didn’t have any music. Although I love music and sounds when I am practicing, sometimes in videos it is more distracting and makes it hard to heard the voice so thank you. Namaste. 🙏💙✌️

  5. This the BEST, especially if you sit a lot, or work on you glutes at the gym like me : )
    I especially like it as an evening routine because it is short (most are like 30 mins) … Umm, no thanks, I would rather sleep an extra 15 mins LOL.
    It also made LAUGH in the middle, with some unintentional humour BATTERY DIED – DONT PANIC" So cute how she mentions it with her calm, serious tone .

  6. wow this is amazing! i love it so much! i'm going to start doing this daily because i have a brain injury and this really helps calm my brain. thanks for posting this!

  7. There's a loud advert two minutes into a restorative yoga video? Not exactly calming. If you're going to have an advert put it at the start before the people watching have started trying to relax!

  8. Your channel is my favorite although i discovered it today. Because you do not insert ads into your videos. Thank you so much for this. Ads are so off putting. Especially in the middle of the class.

  9. Omg candace at the end i felt this conversation between m'y heart and brain and it seems like m'y brain is apologizing because i had expérienced 3 years or sever depression and i felt this moment and after that i cried so mush it was involuntary thank u so much


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