15 Minute Morning Yoga Routine | Yoga to Start your Day


This is a morning yoga sequence to help you wake up and start your day right. It’s a simple 15-minute stretch and flow yoga routine to gently move your body, relieve stiffness from the night before, and give you a boost of energy. We start in child’s pose and floor poses to slowly ease you into your practice. We then flow through a short standing sequence and end in mountain pose. Moving from the ground and making our way up to standing is a great way to practice in the morning so we are not “shocking” the body into strong sudden movement. We flow through mostly basic poses you are probably familiar with so there are not a lot of instructions for most of the class. If your knees are feeling tender, pad your knees with a blanket for extra cushion. Close your practice by observing how you feel and setting your intention for your day. Thanks yogis! Enjoy your practice and the nature sounds in the background 🙂

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  1. You made me smile with this yoga class. I love your voice leading me through the poses, it's just beautiful and calming. And for me, it's the perfect pace.
    This was my birthday yoga. Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Another fantastic morning yoga routine by Yoga Upload. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work Maris! You are my favorite youtube yoga teacher. Light and love to you.

  3. Oh. I dont have time for morning yoga. I wake up 5 oclock on the morning and I have only 20 minutes before I went out on bus. ….. But maybe someday. But od course I do Yoga every sat after work. Thank You Maris. 😍

  4. Thank you Maris for another great morning wake up 🙏, getting addicted to your morning practices❣️ Maris could you please 🙏make a video for osteochondrosis / neck sufferers.


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