2 Ingredient Fat Bomb Recipe | 0g Carbs | Keto Dessert


2 Ingredient Fat Bomb Recipe | 0g Carbs | Keto Dessert

Coconut Oil:
Cookies & Cream Protein:
Fat Bomb Mold:

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2 Ingredient Fat Bomb Recipe | 0g Carbs | Keto Dessert
2 Ingredient Fat Bomb Recipe | 0g Carbs | Keto Dessert

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  1. Sadly these were a disappointment – I followed the instructions and even waited for the coconut oil to reduce in heat before adding the protein powder but what I got was a cup of sand :(. I have them in the fridge but I'm not looking forward to eating them – I was very hopeful given this protein powder is $70+ per container in Canada.

  2. These. Are . Awful. Ya'll have been on keto too long and you don't know what's good anymore. Should have read the comments before making for the tips but I really don't know how much better these could possibly be.

    Edit: Using them in my coffee. It's pretty good. glad they're not going to waste

  3. I made these with a chocolate whey protein powder! So good! It was like eating fudge but with the hardness of a chocolate bar. They're so addicting though and I'm fighting to not eat them all in one sitting.

  4. For those whom tried this recipe and end up having it grainy and stuck to third teeth, here is how I solved the problem:

    1-just melt 1/4 cub of the coconut oil on microwave, don't make it hot, just melt it.
    2- add 1/4 cub of warm water
    3- add 1 Gram of Xanthen powder (SECRET INGREDIENTS) it will combined fat and water and make it a thick past
    4- stair strongly.. you will have a nutilla kind paste
    5- now you can add flavoured protein/ cocoa/ Sweetner or any other powder for the flavour
    6- refrigerat and enjoy

  5. Really bad advice. If it’s cookie and cream flavoured protein it has sugar idiot. You shouldn’t even be craving sugar, if you are, you’re doing it wrong. Phoney ass channel


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