20 Minute Prenatal Pilates Workout


This 20 minute pilates workout uses mat exercises appropriate for any trimester of pregnancy. Get a safe and effective workout to both strengthen and stretch your body during pregnancy.



  1. i do a different video of yours everyday! I'm 26 weeks and have been doing your videos for about 2 months now, you have the best videos when it comes to prenatal workouts. this is such a valuable resource for someone who can't afford to go to a gym or get a personal trainer.

  2. Hi could you please tell me what muscles are targeted here? I really need to work o my love handles but I cannot do side plank because my shoulder hurts rite now. I’m hoping the rest of the workout helps my love handle area.

  3. Wow, this was amazing and was exactly what my body needed 💛 currently 26 weeks pregnant and with so many life changes, my daily health routine was disrupted which ended up with me putting on 5lbs in a week. I’ve been feeling so heavy, lethargic, and hormonally imbalanced. Today, I got some time for myself again, ate truly healthy and even though I wasn’t feeling it at first (exhausted & moody), I found this video and gave it shot. I’m really happy I did! I feel energized and bright again ✨ thank you for this! 💛

  4. Is this ok to do when pelvic pain (ISJ) kicks in? I’ve been advised against certain hip exercises but want to keep challenging myself. This video is great, but just want to double check! 🙂

  5. Love your videos! They are PERFECT for my pregnancy. Not too hard and strenuous, but I am definitely sweating and feeling my heart rate go up. Thank you for creating these! They are a staple in my pregnancy workout routine!

  6. I did this for the first time yesterday and it was perfect, I have pulled up a little sore so you know it actually works and is enough. I’m at 22 weeks and I will continue with Amy 🙂 thanks!!

  7. I'm house-sitting for my parents this weekend, and my mother's new puppy loves climbing all over me when I try to do this workout! It's really cute, if a little intrusive lol but I think I got a good workout anyways 😉 Thank you for the video!

  8. Great 20 minute workout for a complete novice to pilates. Never imagined stretching could make you feel so good. Gentle and easy way to exercise safely during pregnancy. Will continue this routine throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you Amy 🙂

  9. Amy, thank you so much for these videos! Between these videos and trx at my gym I stayed in the best shape of any of my pregnancies, felt so great emotionally and delivered our third (and biggest!) baby girl last Thursday in just three pushes!! Wishing you all the best as you wait for baby number two!

  10. This is a great workout, thank you Amy. I am 18 weeks with my second and did pilates twice a week in classes last time. This time I can't afford it so this is a lifesaver. I also found it gentle, I already have terrible hip pain as I have hip dysplaysia. Only the last exercise with the scooping legs was tough. thank you

  11. Amy, absolutely loving the prenatal workouts here! Just wondering could you recommend any of your friends or colleagues that do good prenatal yoga videos? So hard to find the decent stuff! Or if any of your followers have found any good ones? Thanks!

  12. Hi :), do you make before some warm up excercises, which we can not see in the video? Or do you start directly in the routine (which is – by the way – great!). Greetings from Germany.

  13. I'm 15 weeks with #5 and I've been doing workouts for a few years and these are just perfect for pregnancy, they're really close to the higher intensity ones I'm used to but I can still breathe through and do more or less as needed. Thank you!

  14. I've never been great at getting into a workout routine, but I've come to enjoy these workouts everyday because of how good they make me feel after. Some days I wake up feeling like a truck ran over me, and getting up and moving helps ease the aches. Thank you!

  15. Dear Amy, I find all your prenatal workouts very useful. I’m already 39 week pregnant and I still feel great doing your prenatal pilates. Thanks a lot for sharing these videos, and wish you lots of health and success. Many thanks and greetings from Bulgaria!

  16. Great workout. I'm pregnant with my second child and wanted to change my fitness routine (I had been following Lizbeth Garcia prenatal Pilates program until delivery for my first pregnancy) and I feel yours pretty effective. I'm gonna check the other prenatal workouts of yours now.

  17. Thank you for this video! I'm 24 weeks, and I was pretty out of shape/chubby before pregnancy, so working out and staying active during pregnancy has been really hard for me. This is the first video that I've tried (including "beginners" prenatal yoga) that was challenging enough that I felt like it was a good workout, but easy enough that I was actually able to keep up and follow along without getting frustrated 🙂 Definitely incorporating this video into my routine!


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