2019 IFBB Bigman Weekend Pro – Bodybuilding Preview


Ron Harris, Giles Thomas and AJ preview the open bodybuilding division for this weekend’s 2019 IFBB Bigman Weekend.
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  1. The host of this show, this is just a job for him, he has a script and when the guests go off it he gets flustered. It’s unfortunate that we can’t just have a unmolested show. Free from Muscle Development.

  2. 30:30 Guys, peaking too soon or allways beeing in great shape may neurologically be a problem, just like allways beeing on coke is, as there is no mental high peaking then which can manifest into expressing it great on stage; Dorian looked great on them pictures from 92 to 93 and still looked great later on stage too, but look how Dorain allways "kept it down low", which is important to manage.

  3. Josh will wipe these guys out in spain, akim needs to be 240lbs to be peeled not 260 or 250lbs if he does that he will have a tiny back at present though.

    New york is nathans all day every day with john delarosa a solid 2nd

  4. for me a clear win for Juan Morel in Brazil, there isn't one body part missing, it is one of four heads which is not that great, the. outter sweep of his quads.. Let's compare Juans legs with Rafael Brandao's, sweep goes to Rafael, Adductores (Juan could ask Rafael: do you even), hams, doyoueven for Juan again, legs in the side shots…doyoueven for Juan again, overall legsize again to Juan. Everyone is forgetting about the other three heads and the craziest adductors in the game, which Juan probably has… and Juan's conditioning was slightly better as well.
    in my eyes a CLEAR win for him!

  5. Great show. I disagree with all three of you lol. But great show. I have Akim winning this show, josh, presti because I think he will out condition Brando and out muscle him as well. Brando only because he is in Spain. Anywhere else I would have James in this spot and then Dani. I agree with you Giles about Essa. I think if he keeps doing shows he will get better. He won’t qualify for the Olympia this year but he will get his form back and get momentum for next year. As far as Zupan he is a conditioning freak. I have seen him before and I think what you saw Giles was him being off unfortunately.


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