225 Bench Competition Bodybuilders Vs. Football Players


Watch Inner Armour Athlete and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Joel Thomas Face off against NFL Prospect and Cousin of Odell Beckham, Terron Beckham in a 225 lb bench off competition. The same test at the NFL Combine. Looking to fuel like the pros? Purchase here:

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  1. Great work by both guys. Regardless of any comparisons, comments, etc., it was still an impressive display from Terron and Joel.

    For all of the negative comments, I would LOVE to see any of you try and rep even half! It would be hilarious to ask the people claiming “steroids”, “gear” and so on to actually explain what it is, does, how it works and so on. A good 90% of those folks only know the word “steroids” but have ZERO clue what any of it definitively means. Once these trolls actually post a video of them benching the same weight for the same amount of reps, then I’ll retract any comment.

    Hell, most of those trash talkers would be lucky to pull off 3.9 push-ups! 😂

  2. Beckam = 3 reps
    Thomas = 4 reps

    I will say, though, that many of Thomas' non reps were very close to full, where almost none of Beckams' non reps were. It was still impressive, though.

    This reminds me of those push up competitions you see where no real pushups are performed. If you don't break the plane, the pushup doesn't count.

  3. I have a feeling I will never bench 225 the closest I got was 215 doing this 10/5/3/1 program. But I can’t go to the gym everyday unless I walk. I play golf I’m in a low income home don’t think I can get s car anytime soon golf is free cause I work for it. I think i’ll stay at my 3×10 3×8 program with lighter weight. I stoped using machines. Bench squat deadlift overhead press and axel bar rows I do curls and skull crushers at home. I don’t think I will ever be strong cause I still struggle with 135 for 20.

  4. I disliked this video without even watching it. Why? Because the bench press is overrated as an exercise and I know the commentators, if there are any, are probably gonna say moronic shit.

  5. Now check the body fat of the running back versus joel. The thing with bodybuilders is that most were skinny insecure geeks or fat insecure geeks growing up and got on juice but now they are just bigger geeks and still cant win a fight, throw a ball, or shoot a basketball. Put that fat guy that did 58 reps on a wrestling mat or football field and he will get his fat ass crushed. Who gives a shit about the bench press. Translates to nothing in a street fight. A man can look like he benches 400 or actually bench 400 and the one that "looks" like he can bench 400 will probably look alot better and be more functional that the guy that can actually bench 400. Why can a 160 lb wrestler always fuck up a 300 lb football player? Functional strength. Leverage. Agility. Stamina. Not impressed with a guy with 40% body fat benching 225.


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