25 Minute Prenatal Bodyweight Workout—No equipment workout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters


This 25 minute prenatal workout uses only bodyweight moves to get your heart rate up and tone and strengthen your body, all in a safe and effective way for pregnancy. This workout can be done in any trimester of pregnancy–1st, 2nd or 3rd. Options for all fitness levels.

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  1. I had horrible morning sickness and could only rarely workout due to it. At 19 weeks I finally felt better but then morning sickness hit again and stopped me again. I’m now 25 weeks and am starting back up. First time doing this one, I mostly only did cardio. Was able to make it to the end, barely. I am out of shape, tremendously, as well as plus size (starting weight 215) but luckily I haven’t gained more then a couple pounds. I definitely feel better now and will continue to at least try and workout 3xs a week low impact. It does wonders! Hoping this labor will also be quick.

  2. 16 weeks and just finish this workout and I feel better than I started. Was having some hip pain and feeling tired all the time and lazy. But this as definitely made me feel safer about my pregnancy and not wanting to go walking or jogging. I'm glad I got to break a sweat. Now I'm starving lol

  3. I have been active through my pregnancy. And I'm 36 weeks. It's harder the further I am, but this workout is do-able and realistic to most. And makes me feel good. Thank you.

  4. Loved the simplicity of this but also had to stop about half ways because baby girl kept kicking me down low making it very uncomfortable for me. Shes going on strike haha since im 31 weeks now and JUST starting to work out….i know im terrible! better late than never

  5. I'm not pregnant; I just wanted to ease my fears regarding pregnancy and staying fit. Came for a pregnancy video, but subbed for Amy she has a way about her (personality). Appreciate the vid.

  6. Just tried this for the first time and I loved it! My husband even did it with me using weights and made some adjustments to make it a bit harder. With baby #2 on the way I'm struggling with baby weight from my first and I don't want to gain 70lbs again! So glad I was able to get through this whole workout! Now I feel motivated to work out everyday and clean up my diet! Thanks for the great workout!

  7. I really appreciate a good prenatal workout with modifications and moves that are easy to execute with good form. If the moves are over complicated not only do I not get the benefits but I’m also prone to injure myself at this point. Glad I came across this!

  8. I am 23, not pregnant but want to be in a few years, 5 pounds over a healthy bmi and this is still a great workout! I am sweating and I can tell my legs are going to be sore tomorrow. I am excited to get fit before pregnancy so I can continue being strong for future baby and I. Thank you!

  9. Excellent workout. I was a regular at the gym before I got pregnant but then stopped going as I was always so tired. I'm now in 2nd trimester and found this video was great to get me back into a workout routine. I quit the gym but this video is great to use at home.

  10. 10 weeks this felt good! I was an intermediate exciser, before pregnancy just pretty tired in this first trimester but it's coming…I'm 32 years old 3rd baby I want a healthy pregnancy


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