When people want to alleviate joint pain, the first thing they often think about is seeking medication or seeing a professional. But they often overlook how much of an effect diet can have on joint health.

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Some foods can trigger inflammation, which will directly influence the amount of joint pain you’ll have to deal with. By reducing the consumption or completely eradicating these foods from your diet, you could significantly reduce joint pain without having to use medication as a crutch. Here are some of the foods that could trigger joint inflammation.


Sugar is one of the worst culprits when it comes to joint pain and anybody suffering from joint issues should avoid it at all costs. According to a piece by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sugar and its derivatives trigger the release of cytokines in the body, which act as inflammatory agents.

Sugar alternatives aren’t safe either. Even artificial sweeteners like sucralose may trigger cytokine production in the body. When in doubt, try to get away from any ingredient ending in -ose, like sucrose or fructose; they usually carry the same inflammatory properties.

Saturated Fats

Not only has saturated fats been known to trigger fat tissue inflammation, but it can also trigger severe inflammation in people suffering from arthritis. Foods like pizza have been identified as one of the number one sources of saturated fats, along with red meats, pasta dishes, full-fat dairy and grain-based desserts.

Refined Grains

Refined grains in any form should also be eliminated from your diet if you’re suffering from joint pain. White pasta, white bread, and white flour products, in general, should be avoided at all costs. Refined grains increase blood glucose levels in the body, which ramps up the production of other inflammation-markers in your system. Also, people who are sensitive to gluten may experience inflammation as a result of consuming refined grains.

If you want to know what helps knee pain as far as grains go, try to stick with whole grain options instead. If you’re going to go for rice, try healthier options such as brown rice or basmati. Brown rice is one of the most nutrient-rich grains out there, making it a great choice not only for joint pain but overall health as well. Other grains that are great for people suffering from inflammation include barley, millet, amaranth, and bulgur.


If you want to decrease the level of discomfort you experience because of inflammation, try to stay away from these foods as much as you can. There are plenty of better alternatives to choose from and most will not only tackle inflammation but other symptoms as well.



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