3 Yoga Poses to Open your Heart (Anahata Chakra)


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One of the best ways to engage at anahata chakra (the heart center) is through working with the arms and hands. Sandy demonstrates the use of anjali mudra—pressing the palms of the hands together in front or in back of the heart—in three postures: tree pose, a forward fold, and a seated posture. She emphasizes the alignment of the arms as well as creating an open, stable connection between the heart and the head, neck, and shoulders.

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  1. Very good video!

    I had very low joy in my life, tough I had basic needs satisfied.
    I recently met a reiki master who healed my heart chakra and changed my life forever. I am more happy now, sometimes even in troubles.

    Regularly, I am making sure that I am keep my heart chakra in balance using a mobile app called "heart chakra" by hanumappa

    Regrads You!


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