30 DAY YOGA CHALLENGE: Yoga for Everyone Trailer


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  1. @queenabundance it won't let me post the link, but you can find it under the communiity link on the 30dayyogachallenge website. it says 'invite friends' <3

  2. @queenabundance thank you! I'm so glad to hear how much you liked the challenge- please do invite your friends. You can also invite them to participate by going to this link on the website:

  3. Dashama may I post this video on my facebook? I would like to try to get some of my friends into your 30 day yoga challenge. I've done one of your 30 DYC before and it was just awesome!!! Thanks sooo much!

  4. Namaste, yes, I make all my videos myself, except my DVDs that are for sale, which are done professionally with HD cameras.. Are you joining the challenge? Tell your friends too. xoxox


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