30 Minute Wrist Free Hands Free Yoga Flow – Standing Poses


Yoga Upload with Maris Aylward – This video is a 30 Minute Yoga Flow class with only Standing Poses and WITHOUT Downward Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga. We focus on the lower body more but also
work the arms in a different way. There are also several balancing poses to strengthen the feet and legs and to enhance mental focus.

If you have more time for practice, you may use the any of the following videos that focus on seated and floor poses:

Gentle Morning Yoga Routine – 15 Minutes

This is mostly slow movements and stretches on the floor.

Yoga Stretch for Hips and Hamstrings

This is mostly floor poses and supine stretches using a strap.

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  1. What a great class! Needed to stretch my legs and this class did it. The breathing from person who was video taping your class was quite the distraction though. I found his/her breathing throughout the entire class to be quite annoying. Other then that the class was just what I needed. Namaste.

  2. Just did this flow and I loved it. It was perfect for me. I have been doing yoga and dance for many years and I am also a runner and surfer and I have been looking for this exact flow and the teaching is so good. So many yoga classes rely on plank, up dog, down dog etc… I can’t stand it. It’s overdone and too many teachers rely on it when they don’t know what else to do or they don’t care. Thank you

  3. Thank you! This was perfect for me to be able to do when I didn't have my mat with me. I also appreciate how you tell us where we should be feeling the stretch as I was able to adjust accordingly.

  4. This series is a God send. I have neck and upper shoulder pain which had taken me out of yoga for a year. I was very discouraged because I never realized it was "acceptable" to do yoga with out the traditional downward dog, wrist stressing poses. Yes! Will recommend!

  5. I have been doing this video daily for about a month. Prior to starting this video, for the first time in my life, I started showing signs of cellulite in my butt. To my amazement all the cellulite is completely gone with no other exercise other than this video. I know you don't market these videos this way but this is exactly what happened on a physical level. I have a 20 year old butt again woohoo! LOL Just wanted to share – thank you!!!

  6. Thank you so much! I have a healing broken elbow and I've been going crazy not being able to exercise. I started looking for standing only routines but this is the first one I've found that actually is standing only, with no downward dogs anything! Definitely going to start doing this everyday

  7. I have really enjoyed your videos the past few days… so glad i found them! My RA keeps me from using my hands during yoga now, yet with your practices i can still enjoy it, thank you 🙂

  8. needed this, thanks! I'm in a hotel room this morning with a big day ahead so i definitely wanted to do my morning yoga as usual but did not want to spend any time on the floor…of a hotel room. ha. This was perfect!

  9. this is just what I have been looking for!!
    as my wrist are overworked as it is I avoid normal yoga for this reason…I work in aged care and have a 1 year old baby so no pressure on hands wrists is perfect Thank you..

  10. Have to say that I didn't think I'd like this as I do like to flow… but after heavy work with my hands yesterday my wrists were tender this morning and I didn't want to not do any yoga. This was perfect! I'm definitely going to try the other like classes when I have a little more time. Thanks =)

  11. Great flow, today may shoulders and upper back needed to rest so this class was perfect, slow but challenging for the legs. I really enjoyed the side stretches and twists as well. Thanks for this great video!

  12. This was my practice today. My elbow is still bothering me and so this was another effective practice that engaged everything without much strain on my elbow joint (I just have to remember not to bear weight on my finger tips for the standing splits by using the strength of my leg and my core– is that right?). Thank you, Maris. Namaste.

  13. Here is another SPECIAL YOGA FLOW class WITHOUT Downward Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga. Try it out and let me know what you think? Do you welcome the change or do you miss the usual "Vinyasa" sequence? If you like it, browse the YOGA UPLOAD channel for similar yoga videos. Thanks everyone!


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