37 Yoga Poses With Bells and Music 60 Second Pose Duration


A relaxing video with 37 yoga poses. There is soothing music and a bell to let you know when a new pose is coming up. Each pose lasts for 60 seconds. Poses where you have to switch sides last 30 seconds each. You’ll have plenty of time to breathe into each pose.

**Note: Unfortunately there’s a bell missing during the side plank pose. You’ll have to pay attention and switch sides. I’m very sorry for this error, but I can’t fix it without uploading a new video to a new URL.**

Compiled and edited by Briana Blair

My gratitude to all the wonderful yogis out there inspiring our practice, and those who created the content featured in this video.
Music: Yellow Brick Cinema (
Bell: Daphne in Wonderland/Freesound.org (



  1. Obviously only suitable for those with knowledge of yoga. I loved it and though there were some poses I could not do, I just adapted them to suit my ability. I know some people like verbal instruction, but oh the bliss of quietness. Would love to see more videos like this.

  2. this is the best yoga pose session I have seen.thank you for posting and thank you for not talking and guiding me through each pose slowly.very nice video.2 thumbs up.


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