If you’re into fitness, you have probably heard how cannabis (from a medical marijuana dispensary) and exercise go hand in hand, right? No?! Well read on…

You might have also heard that yoga instructors, endurance athletes, and bodybuilders have been turning to pot to get more out of their performance (and achieve better results).

In the realm of workout performance, there are also many anecdotal reports and studies pointing out to the potential benefits of weed on fitness.

So today, let’s talk about combining weed with a workout, ways it affects the muscle and potential benefits why you might also want to try it too.

4 Amazingly Uncommon Ways Smoking Marijuana Can Make You Fit

Marijuana and Fitness: How to Combine

There is no one size fits all when it comes to dosage and effects. Remember, the effect it has on your friend does not translate to you having the same.

According to a leading cannabis therapeutics specialist and internist, Jordan Tishler, how weed could affect your performance depends on exercise type and goals.

For example, cannabis helps you focus and do repetitive movements, such as running on a treadmill. It might also help you overcome the muscle pain if trying a new sport like triathlon.

So if you’re living in a state where buying marijuana from a medical marijuana dispensary is legal, use weed for low-risk and short workouts. Make sure, though that you know where exactly in US cannabis is legal and where you are buying it from.

But for anything requiring quick decision making, such as rock climbing, smoking pot before your workout isn’t advised, according to him. So as a general rule of thumb, you must forgo cannabis use for a high-risk workout or competition day.

#1. Marijuana’s Positive Effect on Muscles

Marijuana can aid in increasing oxygen intake needed to fuel your muscle. Based on a published study, marijuana could increase lung volumes. And in the context of workout, the increased oxygen intake also means higher energy level for your workout. Simply, it is because of oxygen powers muscle movements.

Cannabis also has bronchodilatory and pain-numbing effects, helping fitness seekers get through a hard training session. And at moderated doses, the THC in cannabis can give you enhanced creativity, improved focus, and pain relief.

And because of the pain relief from marijuana use, you can keep pushing hard instead of being distracted by the pain.

In fact, San Millan, director of sports performance at the University of Colorado revealed how many people could actually perform better when under the influence of marijuana simply because of ways it could reduce fatigue and pain.

This claim is supported by a study published by the Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine, revealing strong evidence of the moderate pain-relieving effects of cannabis in the central pain and peripheral neuropathic conditions.

Taking a THC tablet can also help people take the pain better with cannabis not only reduce its intensity, according to another study. So if you’re experiencing muscle pain, marijuana can help you deal with it.

CBD also helps in preventing pre-workout muscle soreness, so you don’t need to deal with the soreness and skip a training day during training days because of it. If you’re looking to kick those pains and aches away, you might want to hit the herb a few times.

CBD also helps in relieving inflammation; thus, we can combat pain better and get back to working out again sooner.

#2. The Effects of Marijuana and CBD on Motivation

Finding the motivation to work out on some occasions is hard, but the herb can help so much. There are times when we find it impossible to muster that bit of enthusiasm to exercise or put those running shoes on.

This pre-workout anxiety can prevent us from going to the gym or running. And wherever the anxiety is coming, it’s stopping us from realizing our goals to work out and reach our potentials.

But cannabis use can combat anxiety. To support how cannabis can reduce it, Professor Keith Humphreys of the Stanford Medical School explained that humans have cannabinoid receptors in the brain. THC can hit those receptors, activating a system that reduces the anxiety.

You can also get your workout goals with marijuana. If you’ve just started with a fitness program, it is useful especially for repetitive movements, such as cycling, swimming or running. For example, it can help us achieve steady rhythmic zone in long-distance running to keep a consistent speed throughout.

Simply stated, marijuana can help us achieve that focus we need for the specific task at hand. Who would have thought that weed could help us move on the pavement faster and longer with cannabis? The reason is that weed and exercise can enhance one another. We have the endocannabinoid system with its natural THC, increasing our feeling of euphoria, and with cannabis use, we can also increase our pain threshold, preventing us from being distracted due to pain when working out.

[Exercising stoned also helps intensify the high, according to a study.]

#3. Metabolism Enhancement and Improved Weight Loss with Marijuana

If you’re looking to solidify your gym effort and improve metabolism, cannabis can help, too. GW Pharmaceuticals stated that the cannabidiol and THC aid in increasing metabolism and eventually accelerating fat loss. As a bonus, it can also lower cholesterol levels and enhance insulin sensitivity. So we achieve not only our weight loss goals but also lower our risk to diabetes.

Even a study revealed that obesity is also lower in users versus their non-user counterparts.

A related study also pointed out the link between smaller waist and marijuana. So whether you’re using cannabis pre- or post workout, you can enjoy such benefits – fast metabolism and balanced weight loss than without it.

#4. Relaxation with Marijuana

Anecdotal reports have cited how cannabis can help with relaxation. Post workout, the body needs enough rest so that our muscles can recover, repair and grow.

Ingesting or smoking weed is one of the best solutions to achieve this goal. It can help us relax after pumping day, easing tension for a better rest.

We all know that exercise is good for us, as many scientific studies have already proven. Benefits, including reduced risk for heart disease and diabetes, better weight management and improved mood and motivation, to name some, are what we can get. Whether you’re a total fitness beginner or a pro, cannabis can definitely help in getting the most out of your workout.

NOTE: Consult your doctor for safety and advice prior to marijuana use for exercise.

Buy cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary, use it before and after a workout and improve your results.

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