5 Minute Flat Abs Workout w/ POPSUGAR


Flatten your belly & tone your abs with this 5 minute ab circuit. I’m joined by my friend Anna Renderer – Host, PopSugar Fitness. See the standing abs workout I did on the PS channel

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  1. i love this!!! the first time i did this i had to pause after every exercise, now, only three days later i can do the whole thing without a pause even though my abs are burning!!

  2. Thank you so much! You two are the best exercise instructors I’ve ever seen thank you for all your effort! You’ve inspired me and many others to get off the couch and loose weight, thank you! Have a great day!😊☺️

  3. I've just been on a mission to get healthy. I've done a program called ph@tt (gut detox) and now 33kg lighter 4 months on and I'm a new person but now am looking for 5 to 10min workouts I can do at home. These are wonderful thank you

  4. OMGARSH! I love love this quick ab set. Especially since I have a bad tailbone from falling off a horse a few years ago, and doing this I had no problems at all!! Thank you ladies!!!! I'm so excited to do this five days a week now! 💗


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