ESY is here, and if you are reading this post you must be curious about my 5 must have resources for ESY, so I’ll jump right in!

The Last 10 Days

If you didn’t use this resource for your last 10 days of school as intended… this is a MUST HAVE for ESY…. it’s 10 days of summer themed lesson plans fully prepped and ready to go for you!


July Simple Comprehension

If you need ELA resources that are differentiated and target vocabulary, sequencing, reading, comprehension, and so much more- this is what you need to download right now! Save all your prep time for the pool instead!

Visual Drink Recipes

Visual recipes are perfect for following directions, sequencing, turn taking, comprehension, life skills, and so much more- these drinks are different and fun for summer!

Dry Erase Books

Summer is A LOT about maintenance. Maintaining those foundational skills we worked so hard to achieve all year in a fun way! Dry erase books are simple to prep and can be used over and over again. They are so easy to travel if you are moving schools for ESY and have limited resources.

Social Skills File Folders

Summer is usually a bit more low key- and a good time to practice skills we don’t have time for during the hustle and bustle of the school year! Working on social skills using sequencing and comprehension combines ELA goals with Social Skills- what more can we ask for!

I hope you can use some of these resources in your ESY program!

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