Let’s talk about visuals! There are 5 sets of visuals EVERY sped teacher NEEDS to have in their classroom. Without visuals, our classrooms would… well, crash and burn. (I won’t put it lightly).

If you walk into a new classroom and there are NO visuals present… you will probably start to panic. Starting from complete SCRATCH is a nightmare… you can’t possibly make every visual you need even in a few month’s time. There are 5 sets of visuals every sped teacher needs… and I created them for you.

Simple Visual Schedules

This is a simple one (what isn’t simple around here?) Visual Schedules are a must have in any sped room AND this set includes 11 color coded versions as well as a whole group schedule… takes the pressure off of you and gives you more time to teach the little ones.

Read more about simple visual schedules here.

Download here.

Behavior Variety Pack

My first year was fully spent creating a new behavior visual every day. Oh how I wish I had a big set to pick through at moment’s notice like this one (cause we all know behaviors love to pop up!)

Download here.

Simple Schedule Boards

So where will you be putting the visuals? I have included a lot of schedule boards in my resources over the years, but finally have put together an extensive all in one set. These are great for on the go and mini schedules in the classroom.

Download here.

Functional Name Tags

Keep your classroom sane… and remember EVERYTHING must be functional. These name tags are perfect for just that! With a bunch of different versions it’s easy to accomodate your students.

Read more about these here.

Download here.

Color Coded Token Boards

If you are all about a color coded classroom, this is for you! With 11 colors and so many differentiated versions… you’ll have one for every reason and season.

Download here.


+ Lucky for you, I’ve bundled them all… with a few extras.

Download the Big Set of Visuals Bundle here.

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