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We all want to be happy and that is why some people spend their whole lives trying to pursue real happiness, on the other hand there are those who have given up on happiness as well. But what most people don’t know is we all have happiness within us at varying degrees and that means happiness is unique to each person. It is like a cup that can never be completely filled, but we can always add more to it.

Here are 5 proven methods to increase your happiness hormones naturally.

  1. Offer Yourself A Break.

The demands and hustles of regular day to day life can raise the feelings of anxiety which may deeply tamper with one’s persona. Numerous individuals have turned to the Asian practices to be mitigated from such anxieties. Learning how to meditate can give you a great experience. It can bring individual satisfaction, peace of mind, self-friendship, joy, clarity, insight and awareness. Once more, our happiness hormones lie at the center of this activity. During meditation, the body will trigger the production of the various happiness hormones.

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  1. Eat Healthily 

Certain foods are necessary for the production of certain ‘happy’ hormones in the body, food such as spinach, asparagus, mussels, salmon, dark chocolate, eggs, avocados, legumes and many others. These foods increase the progesterone and estrogen level in the body. In the case of estrogen dominance it can be helpful to detox environmental estrogen to help balance the hormones.

  1. Attempt Aromatherapy

This training is new, yet its advantages have been proved. The sense of smell has the most  impact on one’s brain when contrasted to other senses, a few aromas can make one feel good and great and can change the moods, you should attempt aromatherapy when you feel down or discouraged. At the point when the aroma is pleasant, it will trigger the production of happiness hormones.

  1. Exercise and Stay Fit

Exercise is by all accounts the most favorable time for happiness hormones to get released into the body’s framework. Thorough exercise empowers endorphins to kick in while low-impacting ones would discharge serotonin, whatever degree the activity is, happiness hormones will dependably make their presence. This is the motivation behind why the individuals who take part in normal exercises have great confidence, motivation and always happy!

  1. Mingle

Recall oxytocin? That “adoration hormone” that can make one feel great with just a hug? Individuals ought to understand the significance of reaching loved ones, both socially and physically. In any case, it will increase the oxytocin levels, go out there and make more companions.

Get a massage. In case one has no date arranged for the night, do some binge spending on a decent back rub, this won’t just unwind the individual physically, but also rubbing the muscle will trigger the production of happiness hormones. In case a back rub isn’t accessible, try watching uplifting movies, this may likewise awaken those happiness hormones

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