5 Summer Family Vacation Ideas

summer family vacation ideas

Family vacations are always a talking point each year. Choosing a great destination becomes even more complicated by the fact that you need to cater to a group and you need to keep the little ones and/or teenagers happy. Planning the perfect family vacation isn’t always easy, but here are five summer family vacation ideas that will suit the needs of the whole family.

Summer Family Vacation Ideas You Will Never Regret

Let’s face it. There are endless places you could go on a vacation but there just isn’t endless time or money to take them all. These five summer family vacation ideas are sure make others go green with envy because they are truly special summer family vacation ideas that you will always cherish the memory of doing with your family.

Vacation ideas for families- Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca or Majorca is one of the most beautiful of the Balearic Islands, which belong to Spain. The island is word renowned for its amazing beaches, warm weather and nightlife. It’s also a great place to take your family because there is just so much to see and do. You can stay with Luxury Retreats if you are looking for a great place to stay next to the beach.

You can explore the beaches, relax in the smaller cove beaches, do a number of activities in the limestone mountains or see the Roman and Moorish ruins that dot the island. One amazing place to visit is the Almudaina palace. It is a fusion of Roman and Moorish architecture, as the castle was rebuilt. Not only is it beautiful, but you can learn more about the history of Mallorca as it is also a museum.

Mallorca is a great place for families that want to choose exactly how they want their holiday to be. There are many possibilities for relaxation and excitement alike! My husband and I just love Spain and we have lots of summer family vacation ideas within Spain so if you have enough time, you can extend your trip and see more of Spain.

Nice France

Nice, France

Nice is the perfect place to take the family for an amazing vacation. It has beautiful . The coastline that it lies on is known as the Cote d’Azur, which means the “blue coast” and this is a truly apt description of how Nice looks. The waters are clear and a deep blue colour.

It’s a great place to base yourself, because you can visit many parts of the French Riviera from here. Monaco is only a short trip away by train or car and there are many beaches, both big and small to enjoy.

Nice is also home to some of the best food and wine in all of France (a big claim). The world famous Ratatouille comes from the Nice and you should also try the amazing Daube Niçoise, which is a beef stew that melts in your mouth. If you are looking for a snack, why not try Socca, a beloved street food snack. It could be described as a chickpea pancake or crepe and is something like flatbread. It is absolutely delicious and is a great way to fuel your days of walking around and enjoying the sunshine!

Lake Como Italy

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is a huge place to explore and is the ideal place to take your family. There are museums, mountains, beautiful villas and great towns to explore. There are a number of towns that lie on the lake itself, so it’s the perfect opportunity to flit from place to place and see and do many different things. Northern Italy is just spectacular in astounding natural beauty and I promise you that this may just be your most surprising favorite of the summer family vacation ideas.

The kids will never be bored being out on the open water of a beautiful lake in between town visits and they will love museums in grand old buildings and their gardens. The best of which are Villa Carlotta or Villa Balbianello.

Naturally, as you are in traveling in Italy you have the option of eating some great food. Be sure to try some of the mouth-watering dishes from the Lombardy region, such as the world-famous ossobucco, cotoletta or simply anything with pasta!

Yellowstone National Park, USA

Yellowstone is actually the very first national park and it’s a true credit to how amazing this place is. Some might even say that the concept of the national park was created just because of places as amazing as Yellowstone.

Yellowstone is famous for its lakes, mountains and other unique attractions. One of these is the ever reliable Ol Faithful, a geyser that is very consistent in erupting at certain intervals. It’s quite a sight to see. Another sight worth mentioning is the practically rainbow colored Grand Prismatic Spring, which is a hot spring that is unusually colored due to the microbes that inhabit the waters of the spring.

Yellowstone offers the possibility to hike, camp, drive, ride and other family friendly activities. There’s no way your family won’t be happy whilst visiting Yellowstone. My husband and I have both been and we are planning a family trip there for next summer.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is probably one of the most family friendly destinations around. It has everything to keep the kids happy and the adults too.

Firstly it’s incredibly beautiful with some of the best architecture I have ever been lucky enough to see. Schoenbrunn Palace is a great example of this with its opulent and elegant style. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding gardens as there are a number of interesting things to see, such as the huge Gloriette on top of the hill behind the palace. This was used as a focal point for the gardens and to hold events, such as dinners. Vienna is beautiful in every corner you might find yourself in.

Another great thing for the kids is the huge Wurstelprater. This is a theme park in the middle of the city with games, rides and much more. The ferris wheel is a great place to catch a glimpse of Vienna from up high! My daughter was only 2 and a half years old when we visited with her but she just loved it!

Are you busy getting ready for summer travel? Which of these summer family vacation ideas is the one you would pick as a dream family vacation? What are some of your favorite family vacation destinations?

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