Autism Awareness/ Acceptance month is finally here (and it’s like Christmas morning!) Of course, we love, accept, and show our support all year long- but I love the buzz in the autism community this month- it’s perfect for really getting the word out and showing our love!

One thing I always loved to do is to THANK those who really show their support all year long during this month. I’m talking special educators, parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists… all of those people running through your head who go the extra mile for your students.

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Here are 5 ways to thank those educators:

I LOVED using these thank you cards for my students to spread some love around the building. All my students had their favorite people who give them a little extra love all year long. We thank them with these cards to let them know they make a difference. We fill them out, sign our names, and then deliver them. It’s a fun little project. You can download the cards for free here.


Traci from The Bender Bunch uses these super cute thank you cards for subway! I love that they are easy to print and attach a giftcard too. It’s perfect for giving your staff lunch on you for all they do. You can find the free tags here. 

Adulting Made Easy has these super cute RedBox tags. You could also attach movie tickets, candy, or popcorn! So much fun and something different. You can find the tags free here. 

Nicole from The Learning Lab has these adorable key chain tags! You could easily find a cute autism keychain to pass with these on amazon! You can download the tags for free here.

One of my FAVORITE gifts to give is a good soap or hand sanitizer… this doesn’t need an explanation! You can download these here.


You could also purchase shirts for your team to show support all year long. OR start a list for your whole school and get school wide shirts. If you organize it, you may get a lot of involvement and spread a lot of awareness! We loved doing this at my old school!

Need more gift ideas? The Designer Teacher has some awesome ideas that don’t break the bank here!

Shop the ((affiliate)) links above for some awesome ideas!

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