7 Minute Leg Defining Workout


This can easily be squeezed into your daily schedule and can be done anywhere. Not only will you get a great leg workout, you’ll be getting some cardio in and working your shoulders and core a bit as well.

So many people in this day and age live sedentary lives. But, in order to age well, prevent muscle wasting and bone fragility we need to move!

If you don’t have any weights you can use a small can of beans or nothing at all. If you choose to use weights, use whatever weight you’re comfortable with.

7 Minute Leg Defining Workout
Do each exercise for 30 seconds
1. Double footed bouncing
2. Hip twisters while double footed bouncing
3. Toe taps
4. Touch your toes
5. Weighted squats with Right arm pump (7lbs)
6. Weighted squats with Left arm pump (7lbs)
7. Wide leg hop squats
8. Jump squats
9. Weighted jump jack squats (4lbs x2)
10. Jumping lunges
11. Jump stop lunges
12. Alternating backward lunges
13. Round the clock weighted lunges (7lbs x2)
14. Rockstar jumps
Make sure to stretch afterward!

Recommendation: Before starting any exercise program, consult your physician. Make sure that you do not have any medical or health conditions that could affect the safety and effectiveness of your exercise program. If at any time during your exercise you are experiencing discomfort or pain, stop the exercise immediately and consult your physician.

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  1. After attempting this routine (after thinking it was going to be easy), I realized several things. I am super unfit. Two, you have such great form and endurance. Each exercise was beautifully executed. I, however, looked a mess. Lol. Can you tell me what you have been doing prior to this to build such endurance? I want to get to this level at some point. 😃


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