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Inger Houghton demonstrates the entire 7 Minute Workout while listening to “The 7 Minute Workout” by Tabata Songs. (Get it on: Spotify, iTunes, Google Play). Just like other Tabata Songs, the music tells the listener when to Start, Stop, and which exercise is next.

When we asked our Tabata Songs listeners what other workouts they do that could use some programed music and instruction (a la Tabata Songs), the overwhelming response was… The 7 Minute Workout! Well, you asked for it and we listened! The 7 Minute Workout, a scientifically driven sequence of movements famous by this New York Times article, has gone viral among young professionals with heavy work schedules.

Our listeners’ feedback stated that The 7 Minute Workout, just like Tabata, can be difficult without help of a timer and/or instruction. So we made our first 7 Minute Workout Song based off of our most popular Tabata Song (“Deep Orchestra Tabata”).

The 7 Minute Workout consists of:

• Jumping jacks
• Wall sits
• Push-ups
• Abdominal crunches
• Step-ups onto a chair
• Squats
• Triceps dips on a chair
• Planks
• High knees/running in place
• Lunges
• Push-ups and rotations
• Side plank Left
• Side plank Right

Inger Houghton @IngerInDubai



  1. if i do 4 day split training in the gym on rest days can i do this ? will it harm my gains ? whould be very helpfull i want to lose body fat but not muscle mass pls help thx in advance !!!

  2. First time I did this I thought it was pretty easy. Then I realized it's all about the intensity and how much effort you put in. When I did all the exercises at the same pace as this girl it gave a really good workout. Damn, this girl is fast!


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