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7-Minute Yoga For Runners is great for anyone looking for full body stretch that connects to breath and mindfulness in under 10 min. Relieve tension. release tight muscles and reconnect to action and alignment to gain awareness and avoid injury. Perfect for an active rest day or before or after a run. Find equilibrium and balance to maintain a healthy and happy body.

Want more? Here is a yoga for runner’s playlist:

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  1. Hi Adrienne. I love your videos. I work during night shift and i'm asking if you have a short training for those xho work during the night (5 min max) to give energy. Thanks a lot for your 30 days dedicate it was wonderfull.

  2. CARE day 20

    Wow, this is my first time reaching 50 days of DAILY yoga! I look forward for a full year hopefully.

    Nice quick session, gentle stretches that would feel great after a jog or running. Although all I do is walk whenever I can :/ trying to change my lifestyle to be more active.
    Daily yoga definitely helps.



  3. I did this on the CARE calendar today and it made me kind of sad. I used to run all the time (never really fast or far, but I loved it!) and ever since I moved away for university I don't anymore 🙁

  4. Newbie runner on Wk5 of C25K, still sore from previous run and so apprehensive about running today. Did this practice as a warmup and OMG I felt bionic! Run was so much easier than I expected, no soreness whatsoever, and at the finish I even felt I could've done more. Thank you Adriene, Downward Dog definitely eased my tight calf muscles <3

  5. im still so happy ive started doing yoga i started with you Adrian your 30 day revolution and its been like 6 months now im no pro but its just life changing i even meditate now LIFE IS GOOD YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Wow what a workout. I dont have any ankle issues from running but those bones were cracking like crazy after this but I felt really sore getting down on my right knee which is my weak point

  7. I've always been a runner, but not much for stretching even though I know the benefits of it. I found your videos a few months ago and although yoga scares me a little, I love how you can make a beginner feel successful in the poses. These runners series are helping me so much, I no longer have IT Band soreness and am feeling the benefits of pre and post stretching. My off days I am working through strengthening videos. Thanks for always thinking of the not so flexible beginners :).


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