Anger is an emotion that has the potential to rupture our lives if not taken control of. Constructive anger while can act as a motivator, uncontrollable rage becomes the cause of our downfall and often leads to violence. Anger can ruin relationships! There is no doubting the fact that unanswered rage can disrupt the balance between two people and if left untreated, it can burst like the lava from a volcano, and that can never be good. We all get angry with our partners from time to time. But whatever the reason, there should always be a way out, a solution readily available, unknown to us but present. So if you are facing trouble in your relationship, read on and incorporate the following tips to help minimize the destructive effects of anger on you and your connection with your partner.

1. Address Your Anger Immediately

Communicating with your partner is of pivotal importance to maintain a healthy relationship. So if and when you feel bouts of anger taking control over you or your partner, talk it out. Whether it is hurt or resentment, understand the cause of the anger and nurse it. Don’t leave it unanswered for that is only going to make things worse.

2. Acknowledge What The Other Feels

Openly recognize your partner’s feelings and appreciate it. This will prevent either of you from becoming strained or retreating into silence. As mentioned earlier, communicating is very important to maintain the equilibrium in a relationship. So whenever something is bothering either of you, make sure to talk it out and acknowledge what the other is feeling, rather than ignoring it completely.

3. Stay Calm And Composed

Anger only causes anger to escalate, so if you resolve to stay calm and unruffled, your partner’s anger will also quickly subside. Shouting at each other, calling names or pointing blames never helps the situation but only making it worse. If one of you becomes quiet, the other will also follow the suit. If you have trouble staying tranquil, then take anger control classes and courses with experts for an effective result.

4. Share Your Feelings With Each Other

Whatever be the cause of your anger, say it out loud. And share it with each other. Whether you are nervous about your work life, upset or frustrated by your partner’s behaviour, share it with them and find a resolution to it. Being upfront about your feelings with each other strengthens your bond and lets your relationship develop into something beautiful.

5. Be Assertive Not Aggressive

When angry, we often have a habit of jumping from one point to another without actually listening to what the other person has to say. Passive aggressive behaviour may cause one of them to continue making the same jibe over and over again. Instead of being aggressive, (physical or verbal), be assertive. Maintain your composure and try explaining your point to each other one by one. This increases the chance to find out the cause of the trouble and effectively bring an end to it.

6. Be The Peace Maker

Behave like a peace maker. If you demonstrate a behavior that calls out for peace, your partner will also acknowledge your effort and bring an end to the argument. A simple word as ‘sorry’ has the power to mend relationships.

7. Listen, Listen With Intent

One of the main causes of anger lies in the fact that people think that they are not being heard to. So listen to what your partner has to say while firmly making your point heard. Listen with interest and try to find out a way to solve the problem.

Anger can potentially ruin relationships. So don’t let it ruin yours. Take control of yourself and your anger before it wreaks havoc in your love life. If you still have trouble controlling it, then attend anger management classes online with professionals who listen to you and help you find constructive solution to your problems. Register today and change your life completely!


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