7 Yoga Poses (Stretches) That Are Great for Your Back (In Our Opinion)


“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: 7 Yoga Poses (Stretches) That Are Great for Your Back (In Our Opinion)

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  1. Can you please please do a video on how I can fix my iliocostalis thoracis muscle pain (right side, bottom beneath the wing scapula). Thanks a bunch 🙂

  2. I work on these every night…Well, about 80% of the time since this video was published. Are there more advance stretches I can do to relieve soreness & increase mobility? Thanks for the work you guys do.

  3. An easy way to remember the difference between cat and cow is that when you're doing cow, your belly hangs down, kind of like the Udders on a cow. When you arch up into cat, you look like the quintessential Halloween cat with the arched back. Also, remember that both poses start at your coccyx. You should feel it crawling under and arching back, don't just move from one position to the other without fully articulating the spine, all the way up into the head

  4. Ugh. Bring in a yoga professional so you can stop making fools of yourselves. If you really cared about acceptance within the yoga community, you could actually TRY to include the yoga community instead of approaching it in such a reductive manner. Your tone of voice, the jokes and comments…how do you expect us to take you seriously?
    Stop advertising that mat!!! It's useless for yoga.
    Stop using your age as an excuse for poor flexibility. I have students over 60 who can do these poses better.
    Also, there's no controversy on cat/cow/camel pose. They are very different.
    We use animal names because animals have a natural ability to stretch and release tension and are actually our teachers. You couldn't put that together on your own? Really?
    To anyone watching this video who are on the fence about trying yoga, please don't use this as your introduction. Please.

  5. Please do a video on good stretches for people with Spondylolithesis. I found yoga to strengthen my low back /core. I do all of your good & bad stretches. Any back bend stretches are the hardest though.

  6. I love you guys! I can’t do a lot right now since I’m Day 7 post-hip replacement. I can’t wait to get to the point where I can do more stretches and exercises. I must be patient and do what my PT guy tells me to do.

  7. Thanks for the video! Ya'll do a great job. Don't worry about all the yoga critics out there. LOL It's rather funny they criticize you keeping your shoes on. I do some yoga and I do too. OH NO!!!

  8. I'm glad to see more back exercises I think a "sore back" is one of the most common types of pain these really help me a lot doing them almost every hour. I'm even allowed to do them at work with the bosses permission lol.

  9. First I saw your how to fake pain video and I learned to lie about pain. But then this video came on after. And its a good idea. You guys made me think of a way to try and fix the pain using our powerful bodies. No meds. No faking pain people. Move your bodies in a beautiful way and have sex people.

  10. I really appreciate you guys that you're not afraid to give your professional opinion even if you know you're going to make some people mad. I'm a fitness instructor and I've seen a lot Fitness instructors who are teaching harmful exercises. Keep up the great work!

  11. The one you call puppy pose… that’s how I modify child pose. Very relaxing for my lumbar area. Also, chair pose you should keep feet and knees touching each other, it’s a deeper stretch that way, but if it’s taxing on your shoulders, instead of raising arms just do prayer position of hands. Updog is rough on my lumbar area so I can’t get the height you do! Btw, love the Erma reference ❤️

  12. Not only animals…You also have several “warrior” poses in yoga 😃. As regards the dog pose: please bring your buttocks to your feet as much as possible! It gives you an extra stretch and relaxation. Best wishes from a yoga person (PS you are very welcome in the yoga community 😃)


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