7 Yoga Poses to Ease Gas and Bloating


Yoga for Healthy Digestion is a practice for all levels and perfect after any long weekend, or holiday season. I encourage you to use yoga as a natural modality of healing your body, instead of reaching for the nearest medicine cabinet. Breathe deep, connect with your body, smile, open your heart, and feel good!

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No equipment needed for this video.

Music by: Ryan Farish, “Vail”


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  1. thank you so much. It is obvious that you are a young and very fit yogi. I would like to warn against doing an advanced pose such as a headstand, especially for those of for those of us who are otherwise. It can cause a lot of pressure to the cervical spine among other problems. A great safer alternative would be a candle pose or even just a standing inversion. As always respect your limitations and listen to your body!


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