70 Year Old Bodybuilder Is Incredible


Do you see those abs? No, seriously — do you see those abs? They belong to one Sam “Sonny” Bryant, Jr., and should put to shame most men in their 40s, 30s and even 20s. Why you ask? Because “Sonny” is — wait for it, wait for it — 70-years-old!

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Clip from the Thursday, February 13th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday – friday 4-6pm Eastern.

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  1. The heart, liver and kidneys can only last so long. Along with the fact of hormones decreases in the body.
    I started lifting at 11 did some boxing in my 20's and 30's. At one point ran 17 miles 5-6 times a week. 65 now and still lifting have always had a pretty heathy diet.
    Feel like 25 people say I look 40 to 45.
    Firm believer in staying young mentally and physically. Also need a spiritual life. Everything in balance.

  2. All the dislikes are either fat young mfs in their 20s or fat mfs over 44 that live a fat lifestyle. Just a bunch of fat out of shape, unhealthy eating hating mfs. Stfu and go to the gym fools.

  3. this commentator is a laugh, a young snowflake that doesn't look like hes exercised a day in his life commenting about this guys view on age. what is he like 12teen…. a degree in bullshit

  4. YES!!!!!I WISH MY 70 YR OLD MOTHER HAD THIS MIND SET… from the time she retired she got old brcause she sits around all day doing nothing. ….your mind makes you older than anything….the apple gets old because …..you leave it there!!!…use it or lose it

  5. I just watched a video about an 82 year old guy who took 2nd in a contest…..He was totally ripped and had a positive outlook. I'm sure his nutrition was done correctly also…

  6. When it comes to bodybuilding there is an important adage that applies at any age and that is….'You make the most with what you've got'.
    In his prime he would have had a even more impressive physique than the one he has now. Over the years he would've made changes to his training and diet due to ageing.
    No person is the same people are genetically different, some age faster or slower than others, everyone ages you just 'make the most with what you've got'.

  7. Regardless of his age.. this is about changing your life for the better. He was in a bad marriage, and to cope with the stress he hit the gym! Take huge notes on that one. He didn't reach for a bottle of booze. He hit the freaking gym!! God bless you sir!

  8. I think you've completely MISSED what he was saying. He's not saying you won't age. What he IS saying is that the aging process CAN BE thwarted extensively by what you do and it can be considerably slowed down as science will show. How one eats and live matters a great deal. I think this is the main point he was making.

  9. I would try workouts on the internet. Try Unflexal . This website seems like you would have luck getting some potential. Good luck on your bodybuilding.

  10. Lol 70 is not old. A gentleman who lived not far from me died 2.5yrs ago at age 115 and he was doing well. He wasn't in a wheelchair and was still walking a mile a day i believe. One major factor was eating a little meat,not gorging on it. Another one was eating around the same time daily. Bernando Lapollo blessings to you brother ❤👑👑

  11. Excellent commentary, but I truly believe the human body was designed to ripen and mature over a period of approx 150 to 180 years. Of course, under pristine environmental conditions and pure faith-God consciousness (heart of Christ) passage of one's days. Don't be fooled by the modern lifespan of 80-90 years; it's aberrant. God bless and thank you for the great video 🙂

  12. I love the way the host of this video. A little estrogen filled little white man Arrogant fella has to put a negative on the end of the video. Pure jealousy. Because he knows he will never look like that in his best day. He will look like a estrogen filled woman for the rest of his life and he’ll probably die at 50. Interesting

  13. Six pack abs like he has require single digit bodyfat, and I've been told it isn't healthy for men my age (65) or older to have bodyfat that low. I'm certainly not disrespecting the man, but much as I would like to have a six pack myself, I'm not going to compromise my health to have one. Supposedly, about 13% is as low as I should shoot for (which I am). Btw, regarding what the commentator said, yes, I suppose there'll come a time when I'll see diminishing returns on my exercise, but believing, as I do, that the glory lies not in the victory but in the fight, I hope to keep fighting old age until my time is up. Besides, I'm not trying to be 17. I'll never run a 5 minutes mile again or 5 miles in 30 minutes like I did when I was 17. Nor am I looking to bench press 500 lbs, impress any girls at whatever might pass for a beach where I live, or go to bars and pick fights to prove what a badass I think I am. I've outgrown all that. On the other hand, I refuse to be like most of the men my age. I'm not as concerned about how long I live as I am about the quality of my life while I'm still around.

  14. Awesome! Went VEGAN 6 months ago at 50 after watching what the health. I'm now in the best shape of my life, lost 20 lbs not dieting, OFF ALL meds by BIG PHARMA CARTEL and all allergies COMPLETELY GONE! PROPS 2 POPS!

  15. You are definitely wrong about the inside. I'm 63 and fitter than most of 90% of the population. Eating clean food and drinking the best water us the key. Not smoking and drinking keeps the inside clean.


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