8 Desi Dessert Recipes By Food Fusion


Here is our collection of 8 desi desserts. #HappyCookingToYou

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Written Recipe:

1. Balushahi (
2. Shahi turkey (
3. Doodh Halwa (
4. Shahi zarda (
5. Gulatti (
6. Instant badam firni (
7. Rasmalai (milk powder) (
8. Gulab jamun (Khoya) (



  1. @Food Fusion what could be a possible alternate for ghee?
    Can we use multigrain flour(fully grounded, no solid) instead of all purpose flour?
    Which type of cream to use, as it just said cream in one of the recipes.
    P.S. I dont live in Pakistan. Just in case if you are going to mention any brand names for the alternatives and cream types..

  2. hmm. sab recpies bhut alaaaaa hy… apki recpie khany ma yummyyy or dekhny ma easy lgti hy and cooking ka shouk b peda hota hy…. k han baiii ye to many bañani hy…..👍👏👏👏👏👏


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