9 Move Back Workout Rowing Exercises


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I showed basic rowing exercises.First exercise is Overhand grip bent over row.You squeeze trap and pull elbow,keep back straightly not to injury your back.
Next exercise is reverse grip bent over row.This exercise train upper trap.Train different part trap by different grip,over or reverse grip.
Next exercise is T-bar row.This train all trap and good exercise for thick back.You don’t have T-bar row machine,you bring bar to coroner.
Next exercise is One hand dumbbell.This exercise is wide range by using dumbbell.This train lower back and low trap.Next exercise is Cable row.You can keep tension in this exercise and stretch back slowly,pull elbow,squeeze trap.Next exercise is One hand cable row.This exercise is more wide than cable row and keep tension.You can more squeeze trap and stretch back.Next is wide grip cable row.This train mainly upper trap.Next exercise is V-bar cable row.This exercise is instead of T-bar row.You this light weight.Next is Straight bar cable row.This is instead of bent over row.Last exercise is Dumbbell row.This exercise is squeeze trap by dumbbell.

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