9 Move Cable Exercises for Shoulder Shoulder Workout


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I divide three part in cable exercise,front,middle,rear.First part is middle shoulder.There is exercise for middle shoulder.First exercise is cable side raise.This is basic exercis in cable.Only one hand exercise,always keep tension.You pump shoulder in all.This is high reps and incline your body.Next is upright row.In this exercise, your elbow up until horizontal degree with floor.Next is use rowing machine.You can more squeeze middle shoulder by using rowing machine.Next is Cable cross.This exercise cross cable.And by this,keep tension to middle shoulder.

From next,front shouldr.First exercise is front rais by straight bar.I recommend cable in fron exercise because use dumbbel and barbell make front shoulder injury easily.Front shoulder is small,so I recommend cable.Next is One hand.This exeris is more squeeze than both hand.Next is rope cable front raise.This is more wide rang than bar.

From next,train rear.First exercise is cable rear rasie.In this exercise, not pull elbow well,littl pull.If you pull well,You squeeze upper trap.So,noy puu perfectly.Rope position is little high than shoulder position.Next is cable cross rear raise.Thsi exercise is little difficult.This exercise alweys keep tension by crossing able.

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  1. heyy,iny,this video cable exercises for shoulder. I divided each part ,front,middle,rear shoulder in cable exercises. Cable exercises is good for keeping tension
    Middle Shoulder
    0:27 Cable Side Raise
    0:38 Cable Upright Row
    0:58 Rowing Machine Upright Row
    1:11 Cable Cross Side Raise
    Front Shoulder
    1:27 Straight Bar Front Raise
    1:43 Onehand Front Raise
    1:58 Front Cable Raise
    2:14 Cable Rear Raise
    2:25 Cable Cross Rear Raise


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