A Supergirl Workout


This workout is inspired by the workout plans in my book “Body & Soul.” It has a great variation between a little cardio and some more static holds that will challenge you.

Movements include:
Air Bench, Super Girls, Upside Down Super Girls, Side Leg Lifts, Squats, Arm Circles, and Grapevines.

My focus here is to demonstrate and give instruction on how to do the movements correctly to prevent injury.

You can try the movements as you watch, pause and rewind the video at any time to review and check your form.

Listen to your body, if something is not feeling right, double check your form, try an easier version, or move on to the next exercise.

If you have the energy at the end, repeat the set or add on your favorite movements or activity.

For a written version of the workout, and to see other great wellness content visit: www.bethanyhamilton.com

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