Absolute Beginners HIIT Workout | The Body Coach | Joe Wicks


If you’re new to HIIT workouts and looking for something to get you started, this workout is just for you.

I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

4 rounds | 5 exercises | 30 seconds work | 30 seconds rest

Marching High Knees
10 Straight Punches then Shuffle
Squats with Floor Touch
High Knee Shoulder Press
Power Knees (15 seconds on each leg)

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  1. So I decided to do these 5 days a week for two weeks since I have not had a consistent workout plan in over a year and I needed somewhere to begin. Then move on to a more vigorous level. So far I have done this Saturday and Sunday. I took Monday off since my legs were killing me. And today is Tuesday and I just got done with it.
    I have been able to do this without having to pause the video but the first two days were really hard and I was a little lightheaded. Today it was not so hard and I even used two three-pound dumbbells for the fourth exercise all 4 rounds.
    I am trying to lose 50+ pounds and have been eating healthier since the beginning of the year.
    Will post update to share results as frequently as possible.

  2. You're a great coach! You're comments really helped me get through the workout. I did the whole 20 minutes without extra breaks on my first try and I feel great about it! Thanks.

  3. This is a really great workout this helps the different muscle groups and is brilliant for a starter like myself i hope you post more on this Joe it really gave me a booster to keep at it.

  4. Hi Joe, Just started my weight loss journey and tried your workout. It's great, can't wait to get this one down then move on to your other workouts! Great channel! Regards, Paul K

  5. Holy hell lol and this is the beginners workout……I cant even count the times my thighs and legs were cramping up mid workout 😂🤣 just happy I was able to complete it all 🤘😎

  6. I'm doing these exercises for over two weeks. I added after the first week, 5 push ups at the end of each exercise. I have lost 5 kg (11 lb), I'm eating a lot of vegetables, legumes and meat. I'm not even hungry or tired. I feel more energy and hapiness. Thank you for your time Joe.

  7. Thank your for providing a beginner workout that can actually be done by beginners! It was so hard for me to find a video I could actually do. There are others called beginner that, while they may seem beginner to a fit trainer, just left me feeling deflated and like giving up. This is great!

  8. I’m 20 and very unfit. I’m not fat or anything but I’m just really not fit. I just did this workout literally now and I’m actually dying and I have sweat pouring all over my face. Nearly had a heart attack and feel very very faint. I’m hoping that I do this more often – maybe every time before I hope in the shower. For now though, I’m super dead.

  9. !Follow my results in the comments! Wow this absolute beginners work out still was hard! I needed to take a longer break after round 3 but did finish the whole video. I am gonna do this work out 3 times a week. Today was the first time. I will track my progress in the comments below. I want to get rid of 3 kilo's and get a flat belly and toned body after having 2 children. I am curious how long it takes to loose my mommy pooch and the 3 kilo's. Of course I will also eat healthy.
    Happy new year!! Thanks for this video!

  10. I am not very fit, I swim two-three times a week for half hour to 45 min, with speed of a senior citizen 😀 I did this workout today for the first time. It was hard but I managed alright. Felt pain in my muscles as I expected. But 2-3 hours after the workout I suddenly got hit by extreme tiredness, had to lie down, couldn't do anything. Did anyone else have similar experience? Is it something that will improve or something telling me I should stop? Thanks for any advice 🙂

  11. Hey Joe, just what I was looking for. As someone who used to be superset but had a terrible illness a few years ago that took my health at the time, I'm looking to get fit and strong again. I really want to avoid the gym and don't want to spend $ on equipment (I've alredy got some bands and dumbbells), this workout will be my first 30 days. I'll look towards your other workouts to see if I can mix it puma bit in the first 30, and then look for more rigorous workouts for the 2nd 30 days. I'm striving for a 30-60-90 kick start. Thank you so much, Joe!

  12. I had a serious operation last year and my recovery was slow. I’ve got to the point now where I walk 3 miles a day, but I need to get myself fitter and stronger. I tried to do the easiest workout on a HIIT app this morning and I could no where near complete it- but this is actually do-able!! Thanks joe 👍

  13. Started with the Beginner workout but failed badly so was glad to find this. Have been doing it 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks and already getting the benefit and able to do it in one go without extra rest. Will go back to trying the other beginner one in a week or so!

  14. Perfect workout for this beginner. I'm leaving for 10 days and was contemplating taking my rebounder but instead I'm taking my Gymboss timer and doing this work out daily. Wish you had your Veggie recipe book out Joe!! Thanks for all you do!


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