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  1. This is amazing!! I definitely would like more of these types of video 🙂 maybe some that are specific to discipline, or maybe stretches that could be done for horses that are tight through the back (my mare, when in season). I would also love any content you could produce about polework and why you do the exercises you do as they're so important for strength

  2. Great video Lauren! I'd definitely be interested in another one with more stretches you use. My boy has Equine Touch sessions semi-regularly and we've done some of these stretches before (or variations of them). It's so nice when you see them relax into the stretch and start to become more comfortable with them.

  3. I've been doing the front leg stretches, carrot stretches, and the hind end tuck for quite awhile as shown to me by a couple local professionals, and I think it really has helped. Your video is extremely informative, and I'll definitely be referring to it again! I'd love to see more if you ever feel like it! Love how attentive you are to your horses.

  4. Every single thing you said here, I've said to my students. 😀 The hind legs are so difficult to explain to riders—-we've had so many kids panic when horses pulled their back legs from being picked, and I explained that they are holding the hoof up WAY too high—that it's hard for a horse to hold that position. I then showed them how to hold the hind hoof and support it low and pick out quick, but you know how people are—either too fast or far too slow. I only teach more advanced riders basic stretches because I worry that they may over do it. Lauren, may I link this video to my social media? It's sometimes good to hear the same thing said from someone different and with visuals…and a cool Irish accent! 😀

  5. Hey thanks for this. My horse has been over using shoulders instead of engaging hind end due to pelvis being out ( now treated) thermal imaging showed heat in shoulders. Anything i can do to reduce the shoulder tension? Thanks xxxx


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