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(AMAZING) Fried chicken and waffles recipe!

My fried chicken and waffles recipe is so delicious, it will soon be everyone’s favorite dish. I had my first experience with fried chicken and waffles a couple of years ago out in Las Vegas. It was love at first bite! Now, it’s my mission to share this recipe with the world. This recipe isn’t something that you’ll make every day. It’s a process that you’ll use for special occasions or brunch parties. It takes a little over an hour to make all FIVE of the components that make up this wonderful dish.You can make a few items ahead of time.This makes your morning routine easy and stress-free. The Belgium waffles and fried chicken should be made fresh but the accompaniments can be done a day or two before. So what do you need? I have a grocery list on my website (reneeromeo.com) that shows you all the ingredients you need. Look under the commentary below the video to download.
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  1. Ohhhh Nooo, now I have to make this. What a different combination of Waffles and fried Chicken with syrup and cream topping. Where does this combination come from? Both the chicken and Waffles look delicious, so is it good with spicy and sweet together? Is it like salted ice cream? I love everything you do, you're just amazing and quick I might add. I've been so busy that I actually miss seeing you. You're my Youtube Favorite Person #1 to watch and learn from. Hermosa!!!


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