Understand that when your body is overwhelmed it will always overreact such as in the case of Autoimmune Disease and the inability to be able to process your emotions with clarity and understanding. The majority of the population only experiences 2% joy on average, per day; 98% of all pain, suffering and disease is emotionally based and is created by the subconscious mind, which by the way your subconscious mind, is 10 thousand times stronger than the conscious mind. Here lies the tragedy; only 1 out of every 10 thousand people will awaken to the fact that once you harness the subconscious mind, an amazing life awaits you. This is why I have spent a quarter of a century perfecting and helping tens of thousands with our breakthrough online training, “Brave Heart”, because until you understand the heart/brain connection you will never become the creator that you were meant to be.

-Dr. Darrell Wolfe, The Doc of Detox

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