Do you find that your usual crystal meanings and correspondences are dependable? For example, has your go-to rose quartz or amethyst been as reliable as you’d expect it to be as of late? I’m not necessarily asking if they’re “weaker,” but are they not working for you in the way that you’d expect? Or maybe it’s that they’re working but in a different capacity. I’m asking because in all the years I’ve been working with crystals, this is the first time I’ve noticed an energy shift.

Crystals are millions of years old, some are even billions of years old. It’s important to remember that our lifespan is just a drop in the bucket, in the grand scheme of a crystal’s lifecycle. So, perhaps this shift in energy you and I are experiencing is part of a natural cycle. It could also be the result of a change in certain crystals’ vibrational frequencies. Or outside of what the cause might be, perhaps you need to simply rediscover what your crystal’s new meaning is.
Crystal Meanings Being Influenced By Energetic Shifts

Citrine (The Baked Variety)

I’ve noticed lately that the baked variety of Citrine seems to have diminished with respect to its power. Now the baked variety of citrine is the most widely available and it has more of an orange tint to it. You’ll be hardpressed to find a large geode that’s real citrine. Personally, I prefer to avoid man-made and man-altered as much as I possibly can.

Congo and Brazil citrine, however, are both completely natural. With these variants of citrine, I’ve actually found an amplification in power. Brazil citrine is an excellent crystal to pick up; however, it’s much harder to identify in comparison to Congo.

Rose Quartz

This is an interesting one. I don’t personally find this to be true for myself, but many of our crystal family members are saying that Rose Quartz is no longer offering assistance with matters of the heart. Which as you know is something it’s widely believed to influence. Again, not my personal experience with this crystal at the moment but it’s clearly happening to others.

Veracruz Amethyst

Veracruz Amethyst is traditionally a go-to for calming the mind. It’s also an excellent stone to work with when looking for assistance with meditation. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Is it true for you? This might not be true for everybody across the board, just something that I’ve noticed.



The way I use Selenite has changed as well, I’ve found that recently I enjoy meditating with Selenite. Which is very odd because I used to use Veracruz amethyst to do that. I feel like this is a perfect example of how a crystal isn’t necessarily weaker because it’s still working well in another capacity.



Moldavite is a crystal that’s traditionally considered to be really high energy. However lately I’ve found it be lacking in this quality. Which I’m sure you would agree is very unheard of.
Other Crystals Experiencing an Energy Shift

  • K2 Granite
  • Herkimer Diamonds
  • Smoky Quartz

K2 Granite has a gray and white modeled background with the beautiful blue azurite spots in it. Oddly enough it seems to have started to darken, which could indicate that there’s an intense energy exchange happening with it. Smoky quartz is a crystal that used to be known for a calmer detoxing energy. Today a lot of people are referring to it as their go-to crystal for lively energy and high focus. Herkimer diamonds is yet another one that seems to be suddenly lacking in regards to it’s energy.
Energy Shifts Within The Solar System
What’s also very interesting is that there have been substantial energy shifts impacting not just earth but our entire solar system as well. To give you an example I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of people bring up the topic of climate change. However, climate change is not specific to earth, it’s happening on a number of other planets as well. Everything happening on the larger scale throughout the solar system is impacting the energetics of our planet, mama Earth. Which means that Earth’s crystal beds are being impacted as well.

Scientists have recently discovered that gamma-ray levels reaching our planet, have increased tremendously. From here moving forward I’ll be referring to x rays and gamma-rays as cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are high energy radiation that originates from distant galaxies. The theory is that these bursts of cosmic rays could be coming from a massive supernova. A supernova is indicative of the final stage in a star’s lifecycle, where the star experiences an enormous explosion. Eventually, the radiation from that explosion has the potential to reach our planet.
Why Exactly Are These Cosmic Rays Just Now Reaching Our Planet?

  • We’re in the modern grand solar minimum
    • Meaning our Sun is in a state relatively minimal activity. When our Sun is in a state of high activity, it creates a very strong magnetic field. This magnetic field protects our solar system from things like cosmic rays and UV light.
  • Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting
    • Earth’s poles influence Earth’s magnetic field. So when the poles start to shift the magnetic shield of our own planet also starts to become weaker.
  • Our solar system isn’t static
    • The Milky Way galaxy is always spinning around the black hole that is at the center of the galaxy. While the Milky Way spins our sun travels in a spiral path, bringing all of the planets that orbit it along. As we travel through the galaxy we enter what we refer to as the “local bubble.” A spot in the Milky Way where there are less cosmic gas and dust that would normally act as an additional protectant from cosmic rays.

The Science Behind Energy Shifting
Cosmic rays can impact more than just DNA, they can spark volcanoes, earthquakes, and other tectonic activity. Scientists believe the reason cosmic rays impact tectonic activity is that cosmic ray particles thin out the silica-rich magma layer. As the temperature increase, the energy also increases. Meaning the silica-rich magma layer becomes less viscous or thinner. So, there’s been a change in the energy present at an atomic and molecular level!

The word silica refers to silicon dioxide, which is what quartz is made of. Amethyst is just silicon dioxide with the additional inclusion of iron. Also, I should mention that silicates are minerals that have silica in it. Meaning it’s not just silicon dioxide, it could be any mineral that has silica in it like black tourmaline. Silicates make up many of our crystals and scientists are giving us the information that the cosmic rays are thinning out the silica-rich magma and the silicates. All pointing to the possibility of the silicates being the ones that are most affected by all of this.
Light is Information
I feel these cosmic rays (angles or “Angels” of Light) carry within their light-encoded frequencies, information; such as new programs and transformative overtones presenting themselves as DNA upgrades and crystal atomic remodeling. Meaning some crystals will be downloading amazing information! Cosmic rays UPGRADE and change all matter, including crystals AND our DNA.

Also, let me address the last part of that statement regarding DNA. I’m sure some people might be a bit concerned by the thought of a change in our DNA. I don’t feel this is damaging in any way to our crystals or our DNA. High-frequency cosmic rays are completely different than other forms of high-frequency radiation that can damage your DNA. This illustrates the difference between man-created and source-created. Cosmic rays are Source-created, and therefore flawless, organized information.
If Our Crystals Change…
The final point I want to leave you with is this…

If our crystals are changing we need to learn how to interact with them moving forward.

That’s really all it comes down to, and that’s exactly why I don’t teach my students to memorize crystal meanings or correspondences in my Certified Crystal Healer course.

Have you noticed that some of the crystals you work with have had an energetic shift or simply no longer work for you? Let me know in the comments down below!

Crystal Blessings,

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