Who are you on the inside? Who are you to other people? In a way, we can never know how other’s see us. Look in the mirror, then take a photo of yourself, these are very different viewpoints of you.
Are you interested in knowing yourself more? A powerful art therapy exercise is to create your own mask. It begs the question, “What face do you show to others?” You may think you have an idea, or that you do not wear a mask at all but spending time with this question, a variety of art materials and the space to reflect, you might be surprised by what you find.
Art is the language of your body and your subconscious. When you give it the chance to speak, you will always learn something about yourself. Creating your mask helps you know yourself more. You can see what parts of you feel vulnerable and want to hide. You can identify your strengths and what face you put forward. You can notice how much your outer world is aligned with your inner world.
Knowing yourself is one of the most satisfying parts of being a human. Awareness of self leads to growth, growth leads to alignment and being aligned feels amazing. Don’t you want to share yourself more fully with the world?
I’d like to invite you to try this exercise yourself or join me for a mask making partyin a safe space with beautiful materials and a therapeutic container. We will be joining to discover ourselves and sharing insights together. It will be magical 🙂


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