Simple comprehension materials with summer themes are a HUGE win for ESY! The units are filled with activities and data taking opportunities and are super easy to follow for subs and staff that aren’t usually teaching your class. But if you don’t teach ESY, the topics are general enough for you to reuse all year whenever you need an extra story!

We start each unit with vocabulary. I like to go over the vocabulary words whole group and maybe do a picture to definition matching activity as a group. Then we split up by level!

All week long we practice the vocabulary using clip cards ( a great fine motor activity!)

The quizzes are used at the end of the week to check student learning on the vocabulary words and definitions! The levels make it easy for all students to work on the same topic while having their needs met.

The stories are leveled and have fun topics that focus on themes that are happening in the world that very month. The students are able to connect with the stories, the vocabulary, and actually make real world connections!

After reading each story, students can practice sequencing. While the sequencing activities can be simple cut and paste worksheets ( and you can do that too for a different type of practice!) I love to use paint sticks to make the activities a little more interesting for students! After reading the story, have the student sequence using the leveled sheet or stick!

After practicing the story all week, the students can take a quiz to check for understanding! the process is repeated each week with each of the four stories. If you use this resource all year- your students and staff will have the routine down pat!

Here’s some of the materials used to prep this resource (affiliate link):


Download this unit to try it out here!

If you decide you like the unit you’ll be able to incorporate it all year long!








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